Burmese Raw Ruby & Sapphire.

Myanmar Rubies

Red Rubies stand for love.

Actually the best of this raw sapphire & ruby gemstone comes from Myanmar. Today technology allows also creating genuine sapphire in the lab they can even get some small inclusions into it which makes a perfect copy.

Today these are Myanmar ruby & sapphire.

Mogok ruby mine days harvest

Mogok Ruby Stone mine a day's harvest.

Found a raw sapphire stone

Found a raw sapphire stone

Alluvial ruby & sapphire stone excavation

Alluvial ruby & sapphire stone excavation.

Raw ruby & sapphire stone selection

Raw ruby & sapphire stone selection.

Ruby Rings with these red gemstones are probably one of the absolute sought after and corundum/sapphires/ruby stones are ever-present. Although they sparkle not as strong as diamonds there is a simple trick to enhance this, just mount some small diamonds around. They produce plenty of sapphires rings with blue, pink, orange, purple and other colors in India but the craftsmanship is often not as good. I don’t know why but the result when the jewelry is finished is often sloppy, I have seen this with my own eyes in many places. This is not only with rings but also with making necklaces, earrings, bracelets and others.

Mogok & Mong Hsu Ruby Mines in Myanmar.

There are two primary ruby and sapphire mining areas in Myanmar that are Mogok & Mong Hsu. Mogok is about 120 km north of Mandalay and Mong Hsu about the same height near the Thai border. Apart from the two corundum variants there are also many other precious stones and chert stones found. Mogok is not far from the Irrawaddy River and there are gold mines where the gold is washed out of the river. The water brings large quantities of the Myanmar Himalaya Mountains with it.

The ultimate are Ruby in Tandem with Diamonds & Gold.

Rubies are always a beautiful gift such as earrings pendants, necklaces maybe together with a diamond white gold or yellow gold and more. In various cultures of the world ruby red is the color to express love, romance, and sensuality, others like the Chinese interpret happiness, power and good luck into red.

All this together is one of the attractions of ruby jewelry, means rings, necklace, pendants and other beautiful items using rubies as part of it.

Jewelry with Ruby & Diamond Gemstones.

Jewelry with ruby gemstones come in a wide spectrum of design using ruby gemstones in different settings, cuts and combinations, a ruby diamond combination is one of the top designs. A ruby with sparkling diamonds around is a sure eye-catcher on any occasion it gives the owner of this piece of jewelry great attention and a good feeling since this is different from the usual fashion jewelry. Rubies are almost a perfect gift for all types of personalities.

Other pretty designs could be ruby diamond necklaces in yellow or white gold. Designs are plenty, conservative, classic, simple, modern and abstract,

Ruby Jewelry Design.

just as with any other art. In any case when something is precious and looks good, dispersing the light with a great glamour glowing it will for sure attract plenty of attention, ruby diamond jewelry is just the right decoration

Ruby mine in Mogok

A Ruby Mine in Mogok.

The rubies are uncovered at the edge of the hill and virtually washed out. With the pressurized water.

A Ruby Mine in Mong Hsu.

This is another Myanmar Ruby mine where the red gemstones are grown on Marble.

Ruby Gemstone.

A ruby is a gemstone to make beautiful jewelry out of it,

sometimes of high value, sometimes of low value, and sometimes a fake , very popular in Thailand via heat treatment, sometimes ruby even fetch a higher price than a comparable diamond. A typical high value piece is one with diamonds where rubies form the center and diamonds the "spice" in form of sparkling and great light reflection around, this is most common with a ring.

Other jewelry items with rubies are ruby earrings, ruby pendant and a great ruby necklace. But to buy a ruby is not so easy a ruby ring or other item can quickly become expensive (with bigger rubies of good quality). Ruby gemstones came until recently mainly from Myanmar - Burma, called Myanmar or Burmese Ruby jewelry. Since the production slowly dries up, it is almost impossible to get real good rubies with a bigger

size from Myanmar - Burma anymore, other places open up. Promising ruby sources are developed in Madagascar by investors from Thailand and elsewhere. Madagascar has a similar situation to Myanmar - Burma, tumbling from one problem into the next for decades. That means all kinds of fortune hunters come to find some valuable gemstones to create beautiful jewelry, not only ruby. Madagascar's soil contains rich deposits of precious stones for beautiful jewelry such a ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, rhodolite, tsavorite, peridot, blue and pink sapphire, tanzanite, tourmaline and other, like quartz marble bauxite fluorine and dolomite are other valuable resources hidden in the deep.

Most of the gemstones in Madagascar are 'harvested' by artesian miners.

Since no much investment capital is available in Madagascar due to the political instability clan with strong connections to France is ruling the country. If you want to know more aboutvarious precious stones have a look here, Chanthaburi in Thailand is the main trading point on precious stones in Asia, most people just don't know it. These people who are in power control almost everything which brings money via export. Resources of semiprecious and precious gemstones are not exploited a large scale and practically no downstream business like excellent modern style jewelry is done locally.

That means the real money of all kinds of jewelry is made outside the country. Today Myanmar and Madagascar only function as natural ruby gemstone suppliers mainly to Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.There they manufacture all the beautiful engagement rings, ruby and diamond rings, pendants and more.

Mogok the Ruby Capital of the World.

Mogok is somehow the Ruby Capital of the world, about 120km north of Mandalay is this major mining area for Myanmar Ruby.

Mogok is almost a synonym for ruby, ruby, gem market, ruby mining, ruby digging, ruby extraction, ruby exploration in Myanmar - Burma.

The people in Mogok are mostly composed of ethnic minorities in Myanmar or Burma. There are Bamars, Chinese, Lisu, Shan, Gurkha, Kachin trying to get their share. Thailand's Chanthaburi is the trading place in Asia for precious and semi-precious stones