Rose Quartz Stone Raw & Jewelry.

Rose Quartz Gems.

Rose quartz is a stone with a metaphysical idea somehow similar to jade the metaphysical properties have been growing in the users it did with jadeite jade a special piece of stone usually with a high amount of translucency people just like to touch them and admiring the different forms, colors and shapes plus often buy the stones when a particular shape was very creative.

Pretty stones several were on a low price level although showing a hight skill level depending on the artist who made them often with an amazing creative fantasy

I noticed the transparent stone with a bit of a smoky screen when I went the first time to Morocco when an array of seller tried to sell the amazing pretty stones to the tourists passing by. There were dozens of wooden makeshift tables along the mountain road crossing the Atlas and with many stone material it was clearly visible being fake stones often even painted.

Rose Quartz Jewelry.

Plenty of cheap stones were sold some even quite pretty most rose quartz jewelry items were made with cheap prices in mind so that the travelers must not think to much to buy them just focusing on optically pretty stuff. often framed with a silver base material it was never clearly visible if it was sterling silver os any other metal bland actually it appeared that the buyer were not particular interested in anything specially sophistcated it was more for the effect of eye candy,