Rose Quartz Bangle

Rose quartz jewelry

Rose quartz is a attractive bright stone always glowing on your wrist.

Quartz stone, crystals and all variants are often shown with pyramidal shapes and various sizes; however keep in mind amethyst is a variety of quartz to plus many other stones.. While quartz is basically colorless it can have interesting colors when the right impurities penetrating the stone during creation usually within the pink and green / yellow light spectrum.

Lavender Jade Stretch Bracelet

Jade Bangles pretty low price

Jade Bangles pretty low price.

Beautiful Amber Bracelet

Beautiful Rose Quartz Bracelet

Beautiful Rose Quartz Bangle.

This reminds my on several journey into the Moroccan Sahara where local people are offering plenty of quartz stones and crystals along the road actually this is one of the most available mineral on earth, chemically it is known as silicon diOxide or SiO2. Quartz is not only a low priced material for jewelry creation, it is used in scientific and commercial application too and is a rather hard gemstone it ranks 7 on the Mohs Scale.

At the daily market

At the daily market

Rose Quartz Bangle.

A really great thing on the wrist are other pink / rose bangles as are rose quartz jewelry pieces that develop their own aura due to the color. The color is still pink, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter, but the result is a wonderful piece of jewelry on the wrist.

Rose-colored body jewelry is also available as necklaces or anklets with longer or shorter dimensions and earrings are very popular and sought after. one of the reasons for the positive look is, this is natural stone pure and has a optically not intrusive color so it fits many cloth items. Natural quartz-stones come in many colors and tints. Most popular are white transparent quartz-stone sometime with a fancy hue. Fancy colored quartz-stone can be the vivid shades like pink, green and yellow. The most sought after rose-quartz jewelry are bangles and bracelets.

Raw Jade Rocks

Raw Jade Rocks

Jade bangle different colors including white & black

Jade bangle different colors

Various color and material bangles.

Various color sizes and bangles such as jadeite jade & Burmese Jade plus rose & white -quartz.

Jade Rose Quartz Bangle & Ball-Chain the photo shows very clear the rich variety of the different stones in the whole color spectrum. The stone are rich & saturated in colors and move with every fashion style since the are not a expensive but very appealing they are ideal accessories to every style conscious women. Pls. inquire for quantities & different colors plus various other stones. e.g onyx or black jade we deliver most items via register air mail with tracking number through the local post office where we never lost a single piece.

Jade Colors with necklaces & ball chains.

Jade Colors with necklaces & ball chains.

Jade Colors with necklaces bracelets in a very large color spectrum. This are all jadeite jade products of best quality handmade by skilled workers. You can see some rose quartz products in the upper right middle section.