Raw Myanmar Natural Jade

Raw quality Jadeite jade stone & ruby crystals for sale.

Raw Burma high quality Jadeite Jade Stone 4U.

Great deals on raw jadeite jade are here which you can buy direct from the Burmese jade source keep in mind its jadeite jade which is the best and we have very competitive prices for top quality products actually we offer real value. For more quality raw jade have a look in our website. For jade art objects and everyday use jadeite plates and kitchenware is popular too

jade wall art

Jade Art

This could also be an interesting second source of income remember your creative ideas this creative artwork and a unique set of professional tools to craft allow you to make your ideas fly virtually.

New rough fresh pieces of Burmese jade are delivered.

For new fresh pieces of raw jadeite jade for sale pls. check this: We feature the most popular jadeite-stone colors such as variants of green black & white plus lavender jade with different sizes and qualities. The jade-stones are open cut and pictured so that the user clearly can see the quality what he/she finally gets. Delivery is via registered air mail through the local post office which includes a tracking code which can be checked at the local post office to make sure where the jadeite-jade pieces actually physically are.

In our website are beautiful rough jade pieces presented online they are nephrite and jadeite for carving and creating objects such as pendants amulets or just loose see dozens of rough jade pictures in the website to get you an idea we also offer many high level jade art sculptures