Rough Jadeite Jade Stone.

Raw Myanmar Jade Stone.

Many people particularly in the Chinese world are convinced of the hidden jadestone energy and healing power of uncut stones and jewelry. This actually is the reason why countless jade lovers use the green stone for jewelry and creative art plus to improve health e.g. many people dilute ground jade with water and drink it to clean the body / kidney.

Uncut Raw Jadeitestone.

Uncut Raw Jadeitestone natural.

Rough Jadestone.

Rough Jadeitestone. Imperial Green Natural Jadeite Jade Loose Gemstone.

Jade Tiles Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon.

Jade Tiles Shwedagon Pagoda.

Jadeite natural carved. Jadeite shop at Bogyoke Market Yangon Myanmar Burma.

Jade Jadeite Raw Stone from Myanmar for sale.

The latter was a very common theraphy until the medieval ages to treat kidney problems. Also jadestone are created into valuable object and jewelry bijoux (e.g. real estate such as jade apartments and jadestone courts). The top valuable jadestone jadeite-stones today are jewelry or bijoux in the fashion world.

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Corundum family: which are sapphire & rubies plus jadeite jade.

Hpakant inspecting raw jade boulder

Inspecting the raw jade rock uncut jadeite rock.

Hpakant raw Burmese jadeite jade trade inspecting a huge boulder. Many jade dealer cut the boulder open to satisfy their costumer so that the see not being cheated. Since naturally it is not possible to look inside the raw jade stone. Just look at this jadeite photos the window open to the stone is very limited unless the raw jadestone is cut open. Here is the best place to by high end raw jade actually that is jadeite jade from Burma (Myanmar). If it is not jadeite it but so called Chinese jade which effectively is nephrite its the lower end with less vibrant colors and also wears shows signs of wear faster so its always a good idea to buy jadeite jade.

ride into the jade mountain

In a jade mountain mine with plenty of uncut jadeite stone in north Myanmar.

Deep into the jade mountain mine with the rather primitive elevator. This is an example of Myanmar's underground mining. The mining industry in Myanmar is undeveloped which brings lots of disasters every year in particular during monsoon time when plenty of rain softens the earth. The sector is further handicapped due to irresponsible embargo politics of US governments and the English who had never come over to have lost this colonial territory and do everything since WW2 has finished to create problems and block any advancement in Myanmar. Since raw jadeite jade is one of the best selling high value export materials Myanmar has

lavender green jade raw cut

Raw pieces of jadeite jade cut open to make jade deals more transparent to the buyer. Visualized at the photo left are some typical lavender green jade raw cut this particular items are sold but many more similar also with different sizes and color patterns are still pls. tell us what you prefer. Maybe as pure piece of stone did is not such a good looking material but once it is i the hand of a skilled craftsman or artist it will became a beautiful of body decoration.

Mystic green jade.

Great deals on raw green jadeite jade can be achieved by buying direct from the Myanmar jade mine keep in mind its jadeite jade which is the best and we have very competitive prices for a quality product actually we offer great value. For more Kachin State quality raw jade have a look here. Since this is the largest jadeite jade Myanmar mine hub of the world and UK & US are blocking and technology to improve safety there are continuous disaster happen since for the old and new colonialist the life of a Myanmar person means nothing.

Every piece of the cut green white jadeite jade can be bought for $ 120.- inclusive delivery, we cut the rocks open so the jade buyer can see what they really get.

Just imagine this green stone is one of the hardest mineral on earth so its better to have a look inside before buying which can avoid negative surprises.

Cut jade stones to prevent negative surprise.

A green imperial jade rock from a mineral deposit in Myanmar's Kachin State near Hpakant. In the moment 2020 many Chinese try to test their luck to find them. But since they always come with the bulldozer and never care about the environment (its not their country and they are used on hit and run business).

open cut imperial raw green jadestone

Raw green jadeite jade stone is also known as imperial jade and throughout Chinese history they used nephrite jade which had its place with people as tools weapons knives and the most precious was imperial jade used for jewelry. Imperial jade is a very particular sort of the gemstone also known as emerald or spinach green a blend between saturated green color and translucency which is very rare. Often additionally decorated with some diamonds grouped around.

Jade jewelry shop in Yangon

Jadeite Jade jewelry shop in Yangon

The second most jade jewelry shops are a cluster of about 150 stores like the one pictured above in a separate hall in the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon.

Raw jade stone available

A sortiment of rough jade stones clearly show the diversity and colors available.

To give you an idea about the diversity of jade colors have a look at the above picture,

In the shop for raw jade photo above one can find all variants of jadeite jade such as black jade green white lavender and all shades in between. Highest value has flawless imperial green jadeite but for many purposes purple or lavender jade is also in demand used quite a lot such as pieces of carved jade art and jewelry.

Hpakant Kachin State Myanmar.

Where are Jadeite Jade stones found?

Where is the main source for jadeite jade? Jadeite jade is mined around Hapakant in Myanmar's Kachin State around the foothills mountains of the east Tibetan Himalaya stretching into Myanmar see it at the jade map above. There are some more jadeite mines in Honduras and Guatemala with less deposited and the jadeite color in the blue-green spectrum the old Maya and Olmecs used jade tools for religious proceedings.

Hpakant county in Myanmar's Kachin state above is the place with the best jade jadeite is available it's not cheaper lower quality jade / nephrite but its worth it the markets are popular with Chinese buyers there are certain aircraft from China landing in Mandalay (south of Hakant) ever day.

Every piece of the cut green white jadeite jade can be bought for $ 120.- inclusive delivery we cut the rocks open so the jade buyer can see what they really get.

Just imagine this green stone is one of the hardest minerals on earth so it's better to have a look inside before buying and more, its almost as hard as a diamond and sapphire stone.

Actually Mandalay has seen a rising population of Chinese migrants over the past 7 years about 5 million Chinese people settled here which led to some conflicts between the native Myanmar since they could not match the high rental of shops and apartment in downtown Mandalay.

Raw jade & jadeite is a main business in Mandalay even on the weekend he flight from Mandalay to Penang in Malaysia are full Penang has a population of Chinese and they love jade.

Rough green jadeite jade boulder

Rough green jadeite jade boulder

Jadeite Jade boulder

Jadeite Jade boulder with an exceptional beauty of an intense imperial green jade.

Imperial green Jade

Also known as spinach and emerald green which is the most valuable version of the jadeite - jade . Artists create beautiful sculptures and other handicraft from and one of the most popular are Buddha statues beside of the colors already indicated there is blue which is mainly found in Central America notably Guatemala and Honduras even the old Maya and Olmecs used blue jade for body decoration and for ritual purposes.

The first part of the production chain is to mine and some of the biggest jade mines are in Kachin State in Myanmar always raw or rough jade rocks chunks pebbles and boulders. The next creations step are usually jewelry and sculptures ornaments and figurines. Green jadeite jade somehow reminds to green tea which is rather a excellent and healthy blend also brought to us by the Chinese.

jade stone colors

jade stone colors

Dark green imperial jade

Hues of raw green jade stone

Jade samples for sale

Jade samples for sale.

Many jade dealers cut the stone open to visually present the interior. Since jadeite is one of the hardest material on the planet its not so easy to handle. Only corundum (sapphire ruby) and diamonds are harder jade the green jade-stone is a real precious stone indeed.

Jade mine in Hpakant. Note all heavy equipment are of Chinese origin due to the 50 year old embargo imposed by UK / US / EU. Lcation see on the Map above.

Jade mine in Hpakant

In our website are beautiful rough jade pieces presented online they are nephrite and jadeite for carving and creating objects such as pendants amulets or just loose see dozens of rough jade pictures in the website to get you an idea we also offer many high level sculptures.

Although most people are interested in jadeite bangles and bracelets as a jade jewelry product with raw jade people get creative via carving.

Jade and jadeite are gemstone with metaphysical property.

Jade and jadeite are gemstone with metaphysical property interpreted into in the Chinese cultural area. These pieces of jewelry are often very precious when they are translucent and have a beautiful green color sometimes the stones make huge sums of money at auctions especially in Hong Kong, therefore for many buyers (especially Chinese connoisseurs) the mutate into a real gem, however, one must admit that the jadeite for other people is simply a green rock. Its somehow as usual with most things on planet earth a question of the viewpoint.

Our means of shipping jade (jadeite) are when ordering over $ 100,- shipment comes free with registered air mail traceable. More info about raw jade prices available. More Burmese jade products and jade powder is available. Jadeite bangles focusing on health ideas are in shop. Buddha statues laughing? I wonder why artists always portray Buddha statues grinning or maybe they know more than the normal citizens? Anyway laughing is always better than a serious serious facial expression most people are serious all time so a bit of laughing wont hurt at all.

Jade with a yellow gold setting is not so popular because the green color is not matching very good the yellow although they have white gold which makes the piece of jadeite naturally quite more expensive and the combination with platinum is in the same direction. So why not pair jade euther nephrite or jadeite with silver which is a perfect match since the colors blend good and prices are moderate.

Now where is jade found? Here we must see the difference of nephrite which is the well known "Chinese Jade" and jadeite which is found in countries such as Guatemala and Myanmar (the former Burma) the best version of the latter is imperial jade that means the green color is perfectly saturated and has translucency which becomes more apparent the thinner the piece of a high end jade stone bracelet is made. Naturally the prices are higher since this is considered the best of jade and is mainly used for high end jewelry such as attractive pendants bracelets pendants and necklaces. A knowledgeable place to find out out whats up in the relation between China and Myanmar about raw jade is here.

Imperial jade has the highest value because of this high end properties and real art and top jewelry is made from. Jade meaning is rather believing the Chinese think it blocks negative influence to you and long time ago the green stone was ground and mixed with water to clean kidneys today people use pharmaceutical material which is more effective so the meaning of jade today rather is a metaphysical and superstitious idea.

How is jade formed? Or rather has been formed that was because long time ago very high pressure but relatively low temperature (about 300 degree centigrade) was present when certain stones were present such as serpentine which is hydrated magnesium silicate

What could you do with a piece of rough jade stone?

We offer various versions of jadeite jade for sale such as rough stone pieces plus jewelry such as necklaces pendant and Buddha statues including other rough jade products.

Rough lavender jade stone including prices is here. Although the main color people are buying is still green and variants but a every increasing demand is for lavender and black jade. Black rough Jade Stones and Green rough Jade Chunks are some of the most common versions for the "stone of heaven".

Burmese rough jade for sale is at the top of the quality scale and from that its the imperial version which tops them all and that peaks into a flawless green to command the highest prices.

A other category are White Raw Slabs and Rough Lavender Jade plus jade stone cabbing plus jade rocks and smaller pieces plus boulders and whatever with different colors and sizes.

We can ship within one week in almost every rough stone quantity for contact please check the email at right side and the ads in the website user friendly prices guaranteed.

Sources in China try to push prices upwards since about 2010.

Although the Chinese Jade resources (in Turkestan at the Silk Road) are almost depleted there is still enough jade of the nephrite variant (in BC Canada Australia New Zealand and elsewhere) available which can satisfy the demand for jade among China's newly rich for the next few hundred years and for today try this:

What looks a bit different is the situation with jadeite which is the high end version of jade but in Myanmar (Burma) are enough "jade mountain" available to to deliver what the people want. Browsing the high end jade market section in Yangons "Bogyoke Market" and Mandalay's Jade Bazaar show the evidence

  • Currently it's rough lavender jade fashion.

Lavender raw stones are also avaiable from the Hpakant area in Myanmars Kachin State but from that jade mining area mostly green and mixed colored jade is coming.

Burmese jadeite jade

The quality of Burmese jade available in Mandalay is top notch that's the main reason why people make this long journey to Mandalay either by road train or bus. This smaller pieces of jade are mainly used for amulets pendants and jade earrings. Also the amount of jadeite items is overwhelming. Mandalay jade markets are also used by jade dealers from Malaysia to source the precious stone.

in a Mandalay jade shop

High end Burmese jadeite jade in an open air market in Mandalay, Mandalay is on of the main jadeite jade trading center in Myanmar every day about 20.000 buyers from all over the world visit the various markets they are manly Chinese since the Jadeite jade sold in Mandalay has a better quality compared to other places in Burma.

Natural Burmese jade & Myanmar jadeite green and other colored jade stone are the material to make jewelry and sculptures with a mystic touch. There are two variants, jadeite from Kachin State north of Mandalay and nephrite from China other places such as BC Canada Australia New Zealand and other mines worldwide. Green jadeite jade from Burma (Myanmar) is the worldwide number one in deposits and production. The difference between these two stone variants is the quality of the raw material.

Another push for Burmese (Myanmar) jadeite jade upwards was the fact that in the last century the mines in China got depleted (Hetian and more) actually the stones mined there and in today Tajikistan is the lesser quality Nephrite Jade currently (2016) most of this comes from BC in Canada and practically all top-quality jadeite jade is mined in Myanmar (Burma) since there are no other places it is found on mother earth. The rather small mining which is going on in Central America is blue jadeite only.

In the 21th Century this trade expanded to a large one and climaxed in a $ 3 Billion turnover during the bi-annual Emporium in Naypyidaw in 2014 which was mainly fueled by demand from China and Myanmar (Burmese) were not prepared to absorb such as huge sum in such a small timeframe so the exchange rate kyat dollar went into a mess. The mineral has a high price tag especially when a few parameters come together, which means emerald-like green color luster and smooth and uniform texture translucency and no cracks.

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Corundum family: which are sapphire & rubies plus jadeite jade.