Jade Necklace Pendant Chain & Choker.

Gemstone Necklace Pendant Chain & Choker.

Burmese or today Myanmar green jadeite jade necklace & ball chains.

This pretty pieces of body decoration are manufactured in many varieties colors and mostly with an artistic background.

Some are made from carved green jade which is not always real jade because some of them are other green stones or fake and many are bleached plus colored or made darker.

Also it is a misconception to define the jewelry or figurines as to be carved because there is nothing carved, its drilled using a drilling machine and handcrafting. The jade stone is too hard to be carved, it is possible to carve a piece of wood buts not this extremly hard stone which is only slightly less tough compared to a diamond.

Compared to a Diamond.

On a scaled of hardness the jade is slightly less than a corundum stone (sapphire & ruby) and most jadeite is not faceted and used as cabochons which give pretty compositions together with diamonds and other semi precious stones.

To watch whats the natural jade market is offering in a not manipulated environment the nearest place to find that out is not in a Chinese jade market but in a simple stone trading environment such as in Mae Sot Thailand at the Myanmar border where every day hundreds of Myanmar people cross the river and show what they have. Although this is rather less sophisticated but genuine.

A pretty handcrafted jade necklace.

One of the moist sought after jadeite necklaces and ball chains have a Buddha theme which has finally some religious protective meaning which is primarily popular with Chinese they also are very interested in jade and silver necklaces and even in smaller items such as finger ring.

Jade & Silver Jewelry.

The combination of jade and silver jewelry is a very popular one since it looks beautiful and is not so expensive compared to gold or platinum. Mainly fashion earrings and bracelets plus bangles as seen in recent fashion show including jade chip and disk are currently popular. I saw even a dolphin necklace were half of the dolphin were bleached to make the lower half a bit pink, this was is a jewelry shop in Khanom which is a tourist town on the coast opposite Ko Samui in Thailand where every year thousands of tourists descend during vacation time.

Jadeite jade necklace jewelry is often enhanced with some pearls or other semi-precious gemstone to make it more attractive and quizzes more money via the necklace price, they have several macy's jade and ruby necklaces in this price range but not Cartier jewelry. But the reason with Cartier jewelry items are not because to handle the price its mainly Cartier is using gold and platinum very heavy so this jewelry simply become too expensive just by the pure raw material price figure.

But to buy an attractive jadeite jade necklace or a handmade precious item is always a good idea since the value fluctuate rather little over time. Currently (2019) jade charm necklaces are hot fashion items this has to do with the prices because Chinese love them since they have a good metaphysical protective image and are not expensive.