Myanmar Jade.

Burmese Jade

For most jade lover raw green Myanmar jadeite jade is the start.

A current available selection of raw Myanmar Jade stones with different colors see further below . Actually almost all high end jade jewelry and other items using the green stone as a raw material is jadeite today. For a good example see jade silver rings.

Since only jadeite delivers the quality which is demanded today, means brightness saturation & colors which are often a variation of green white black and lavender jade. For jewelry there is hardly a better combination available besides jade silver earrings. For a surprising change in between trying ethnic jewelry which is true Myanmar Jade Jadeite jade often somehow look alike emerald that is also the reason why the very good stones are called emerald jade aside of the raw stones ball chains are sought after for decorative purposes since their green is more intense and brighter compared to the Chinese version of jade which is nephrite which rather has dull colors

Where to buy jade in Myanmar?

The 2 main point of sales are in Yangon the former and in Mandalay around the Mahamuni Pagoda is the largest raw/uncut jade market and the jade mines are in Hpakant in North Myanmar / Kachin State. These places are the best for buying jade/jadeite. When the idea is to buy raw / uncut jadestones keep in mind that jade is very heavy and most traffic means are via aircraft so it can get quite a heavy jade load which naturally costs quite some money. Jade jewelry are usually smaller items which less kilo. There is a land travel route from Bangkok to Yangon by bus but that's a very long distance and not so easy mainly because of the byzantine visa rules from the Myanmar authorities.

For uncut / raw Jade stones a good alternative to buy is Mae Sot in Thailand

Jadeite is a semi-precious stone.

Jadeite is a semi-precious stone having a high value with Chinese people who interpret all kinds of mystic property into it. But that is often with gemstones it's mainly what the user is interpreting into it. Actually this is true Burmese Jadeite jade. Jadeite is the high-end version and nephrite is the low-end. Nephrite is also what is called Chinese Jade but since the Jade mines in China have almost depleted the mineral on the market today is mainly from British Columbia in Canada and exported to China where they make the famous jewelry carvings and objects from.

Buy Uncut / Raw Jade stone in Thailand.

The best alternative to buy high quality jadeite-jade outside Myanmar is to make the purchase in Thailand at Mae Sot or Mae Sai in this 2 places its almost the same like in Myanmar its lightly higher priced and prone to be cheated by the Thai actually people say Thai have a cheat gene so they always try to push up prices or use any trick/cheat to squeeze out money from foreigners In Mae Sot & Mae Sai near the jade market are several independent evaluators (against a fee) which can be trusted. Dont trust any other Thai Person since they almost for sure will try to cheat.

Jade shop in Myanmar

Jade shop in Myanmar

In this jade shops they are also selling onyx and mayan style jade necklaces including real carved jade Buddha jewelry. They also show jade horse necklace and even some new fashion items such as stylish several Rihanna necklace made from jade. Amazing are several owl and turtle made from handcrafted silver and other metals but not from gold, maybe gold plated but this is not so visible.

Myanmar Karen Girls with ball chains,

Long jade ball chain

They usually sell low price simple jewelry mainly green and white jade bangles and bracelets see the jade photo above left that are genuine jadeite items.

The ball chains right above are very decorative and can be used for different purposes also as bracelets and other. Pls. use the email contact for inquiries.

beaded jade chains

Beaded jade chains

This pretty things are up to about a meter long and made from pure jadeite jade some other are from turquoise and rose-quartz made.

Beaded ball chains

To see the fact, today most fashion jewelry necklaces are beaded chains and many are usually made from plastic or wood maybe cheap stuff but the jewelry you can buy here is genuine and natural some made from silver and gold , (often plated) which is naturally reflected in the price . Most are simple designs but some beads and balls are even carved. Have a close look before you buy anything

Raw black jade

Raw green jade (1)

Jade bangle colors white green black & brown

Raw lavender jade and green

Raw lavender jade and green jadeite.

Raw green and lavender jade pieces

Raw green and lavender jade pieces 4sale in the Mae Sot jade market.

Many people like jadeite jade and some of them DIY jewelry with carvings sets.

Which is a good idea to show your creative ability and make a very unique jade gift.

Raw jade stone

Raw jade stone a good idea to start a DIY project.

Jade Ball chain available

Jade Ball chain available

The ball and beaded jade chains are available in almost every size means lenght and if quantity also the sphere size. Typical is a ball diameter of about 10 mm.

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Jade beaded chains for sale

Just to give you an idea about jade colors available. Quantity discounts available.

Jade Beads and Balls & Spheres. All available within a few days we also have exquisite jade silver items.

Jade & ruby beads

Jade & ruby beads

Ruby cabochon

Ruby cabochon

Raw green jade

Raw green jade

Raw green jadeite jade which one you like? Let us make an offer to you.

Jade stores carry beautiful stones all of them here are natural not dyed or bleached or other manipulation this are real stone art idea and since the mineral is so hard it is same times a bit difficult to handle.

Probably the best metal matching jade is silver because of the cool shade in general jewelry sets many jade stone ideas are possible including the rich variants of colors available its an endless variations.

Jade & Sapphire Cabochon

All are natural stones not dyed or manipulated.

Rose-quartz necklace attractive

and inexpensive stone but very and sought after as fahion jewelry since it reflects to fashion color preference of younger women also available as bracelets and small sculptures.

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