Lavender Jade Stone.

Lavender Jade Jewelry such as bangles & pendant.

Lavender jade is a very feminine color and perfect as a jewelry stone it is also sought after in the USA and various countries in the EU / Europe plus the middle east. Compare prices & qualities we have direct links with major jade mines which keeps prices low and quality high.

Raw lavender jade

Raw Lavender Jade.

Lavender Jade use

Lavender Jadeite Jade.

Lavender Jade

Lavender Jade raw stone.

Wearing lavender jade indicates a rather strong character hard and very durable it never fades away. In the distant past lavender jade was used for many purposes such as arrows and lance tips plus knives and other utensils.

A lavender jade rock found in Hpakant is shown below and a location map where some of the jade mines are in Myanmar's Kachin State. You maybe ask yourself where is lavender jade found?

Where is Lavender Jade found?

Most high-end lavender jade is jadeite and that's found in the mines of Myanmar's Kachin State in the north of the country.

What does lavender jade symbolize? It is said that lavender jade has a high mental vibration to stimulate your soul chakra which could enlighten the wearer of the jade jewelry in a spiritual way and keep in mind ground jade stone had been used with water to clean kidneys since medieval times. It will also provide a soul connection and the highest kind of illumination. This stone also symbolizes a connection with the infinite and a relation with the pantheon.

A huge lavender jade rock (picture below) was unearthed in Myanmar's Kachin State. Although lavender jadeite jade is not so popular since it's rather a rare color the most popular jade color is still a variety of dark translucent saturated green also known as imperial jade but the lavender color is beautiful that's one of the reasons why Chinese Ladies are on the forefront of the follower of jade fashion.

Legends surround this lavender & green jadeite stone such as immortality and it also had a touch of macho during certain time periods they sent out naked virgins to collect “river jade” a long time ago and not long ago some items were sold at Christie's Hong Kong for multiple millions

You might ask: Is lavender jade valuable?

An answer could be, yes it depends mainly on the intensity of the lavender jade color and how is the lavender jade color mixed with other colors e.g. green plus the translucency see photo below.. The little problem with lavender jade color is it has usually a strong tendency into white and it is quite difficult to find strong intense lavender jade colors. The best sources for lavender Jade are in Myanmar/Burma and most appealing are strong shades of mixed lavender / green chunks mostly used in cuts for pendants. All this has prices relative to the transparency of the jade stones. A general rule is the more transparent and color intense the jadestone is the higher the value of the stone.

Lavender Jade Stone

Lavender Jade Stone

The lavender jade stone has mostly some other colors included which usually harmonize to produce an interesting balance.

Lavender Jade Boulder

Lavender Jade Boulder

This lavender Jade boulder was just extracted and is being cleaned the location is in north Myanmar (Burma) Kachin State in the village of Hpakant the main place Burmese Jade is found,

A huge lavender jade rock found in Hpakant.

A huge lavender jade rock unearthed in Myanmar's Kachin State above right . Although lavender jadeite jade is not so popular since it's rather a rare color the most popular jade color is still a variety of dark translucent saturated green also known as imperial jade.

But green jade is mainstream lavender is special usually its a kind of jadeite stone with a blend of white colored veins with larger & smaller variants. The real good stones are rarely homogeneous just watch the pictures its a rather heterogeneous colored stone.

Since most fine lavender jade material comes from Myanmar beautiful objects such as statues bangles pendants and other are available although in other colors such as pink & rose which are typical feminine but not only females this is pretty inexpensive elegant jewelry and even not so expensive.

When the creative work is finished it is partly trendy jewelry with naturally difference color but it looks good doesn't it? and this is natural stone material no fake no plastic strong and last forever.Since most fine jade stone material comes from Myanmar beautiful objects such as statues bangles pendants and other are available although in other colors such as pink & rose which are also typical feminine but not only females like this. Its pretty inexpensive & elegant jewelry and even not so.

Burmese jadeite jade bangles for sale in a wide color lavender color spectrum this stone variant is of a highly-priced type and with a good translucency lavender jadeite stone is reaching the high end but prices are still in the manageable region. Actually lavender jade matches very well with a silver setting .


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Below is a small raw jade lavender jade slab and the final product.

Lavender raw jade

Its the artists imagination to create a piece of work out of this raw stone and they know how to do this. Chinese are master in this kind of creativity. It is not easy to get this matched in a way to make it finally fit together.

lavender jade Buddha Statue

Lavender Jade Buddha Statue

some carved from a solid block of lavender jade with slight translucency

The result of the whole are exclusive rare item not easy possible to manipulate and fake. Just genuine and natural as most people like it.

Lavender Jade color variants earrings.

lavender jade earrings

Lavender jade earrings with silver mounting in a jade shop in Kuala Lumpur China Town.

Lavender jade earrings

Its the skill & artwork of the carver to bring the best out of the stone that also make the pieces so interesting and makes every final product a unique one. The basics of lavender jade gemstone is rough jade rough stones the carver give them a form with an abrasive and drilling machine. Its the driller there is no carving as we are used with wood and also no meaning the lavender jade item has is always the result the buyer interprets into it.

The proportions must fit too and there must be brilliance and liveliness in the piece of artwork to help on this matter people usually use some diamonds to bring "fire" into it. The piece of jadeite jade jewelry should not look lifeless or dull so also sophisticated proportioning can help.

Lavender jade bangles.

The common jewelry or rather creations are lavender jade bangles almost always made from lavender jadeite jade there are rings and pendants too but the artist is the one creating the final piece of artwork. It is the artists work to breath a soul into the piece of gemstone.

Lavender Jade Bangle

It can be seen on a larger scale at the Bogyoke market in Yangon, the premier market around the jade stone in the world. There is also a biannual emporium at the new capital Naypyidaw, the emporium for Myanmar precious stones was held at Yangon before.

This is not a particular exclusive and rare item all depends at the composition, at the market there are jade bangle for $ 10,- and others for $ 4000,-. Naturally there is quite a difference in color (deep green is Imperial Jade and very expensive) texture, are there cracks, is there translucency and so on. At a market like the Bogyoke Aung San Market some creative stuff is on display, in the past designs were very conservative which is changing partly into trendy jewelry designs.

The work of the artist who brings this composition together is also visualized by the even distribution of the color and how it matches the metal in this case white gold and the diamonds used. It is not easy to do a matching composition but this is the same with any gemstone ensemble.

White & Lavender jadeite jade pendant. When watching the natural jade pendant above there are differences to other but this makes it interesting since you can be sure there is not a second similar piece of jewelry its all unique. The item depends much on the composition when the melted stone burst out of "mother earth" and slowly cooled down this is a natural creative process not possible to be influenced.

Natural Lavender Jade.

Natural lavender jade is demanded this days because of the best quality. In general its a conservative jewelry design since the main buyer are Chinese women over 40 who have some money to spend, younger ladies usually buy lower priced items. But demand is growing rapidly over the whole spectrum which brings in crooks who try to make quick money with fake and manipulated items.

These people making the jade fakes are almost exclusively Chinese who put below average quality items into acid and get resins under high pressure into the stone. The items look good when sold but after, around 3 years they are just rubbish which becomes very important to understand at least a bit how to identify quality and buy the product from a top notch shop, first rule is take a magnifying lens and torch light with this basic tools plenty of fake items already can be identified at the start if its natural authentic or not.

Highly polished lavender jade carving.

with intense colors and a good value of translucency is highly priced. This type of jadeite is also often used for bigger items such as a Jade Buddha Sculpture since the prices are still in a manageable region those bigger items cant be done with imperial jade or other top green since the prices will be simply to high. That's one of the reason why Buddha statues from over about 40 cm height are mostly done in white and lavender.

The best place to have a look for lavender jade jewelry statues sculptures and other is the Bogyoke Market in Yangon. See the picture below it gives a good idea what is available there and there is much more. Lavender is together with white the material often used for bigger sculpturing but not only.

Myths are surrounding the mineral.

Myths are surrounding the mineral such as stone of heaven stone of immortality and sometimes living stone which comes because the longer it is worn on the body the more the color changes which simply is a result of sweat and other circumstances around the skin but superstition is always with us and probable the highest level of it is with Chinese people. So what about a great lavender Buddha? Usually people relate jade and green, the Chinese built up a dictionary of more than hundred definitions of green this sounds like green nature and snow certain vegetable the sky the sea and so on.

Colors of jade products
White jade Buddha

Some lavender jade carved Buddha Statues.

A green Burmese Jade stone fresh digged out.

Green & Black jade cabochon

Raw black Jade

This is a very rare version of the jade mineral which only occurs when a high amount of iron oxide and graphite was available during creation of the stone the present of both resulted into that totally dark color usually it is only dark green.

Green jade is the most common color but other hue such as lavender, white, pink, brown and variants of red are on display in the shops. It is easy to find the right to match skin tones plus clothing you wear another idea could be to go with the season, means winter cooler tones summer warmer. Have a quick look at your wardrobe, it’s easy to figure out which color you prefer and since jade colors are over the whole spectrum the right match is not far away.

Unfortunately most people only want green jade since this is the most popular but there are beautiful other colors. Since it is not very easy to find these colors in all qualities go online and search around. If it once coincidentally happen that you are on tour through Asia or live there do a stopover in Myanmar, Yangon is the center of gravity in the world for it Also rubies, lapis, sapphires plus the whole assortment of semi precious stones are available there, great deals could be made since this is the sources at Bogyoke Market Yangon.

As with jade jewelry and other precious stones certain minerals and impurities penetrated the stone over millions of years when the earth was still formed under immerse heat and pressure. Traces of chromium appears as the best imperial green.