Jadeite Jade.

Jadeite Jade.

Why do people like Jadeite Jewelry?

Most of Jadeite jade today comes from Myanmar or Burma and twice per year a jewelers dream becomes true at the emporium in Naypyidaw where the stones are auctioned together with raw minerals jewelry and other gemstones.

Attractive white Buddha Jadeite Jade pendant.

black carved jadeite warrior pendant.

A black carved jadeite warrior pendant.

Green & lavender jade jadeite carved Buddha pendant.

What about a stylish tough bag?

Jade and sterling silver earrings. Exquisite design

These pretty jadeite jade jewels are often not cheap at all the price range goes from maybe $ 20,- for a simple piece up to around $ 20.000,- for an exquisite imperial green transparent piece of jewelry. When buying anything make sure you get an official invoice otherwise problems could come up when leaving the country. Also let the seller write down that he or she certifies that this is natural jadeite jade since plenty of "dirty cheating" is going on to "enhance" colors and appearance. The range of ideas sellers get Is really amazing the try everything to squeeze out the last penny. Actually most consumer would not recognize the fakes anyway but if you try to sell the pretty thing again maybe a surprise is coming. This is not so relevant in Myanmar (Burma) but very relevant in Thailand.

Other quality jadeite jade product range on sale:

Another quality Jadeite Jade product range on sale one of the first question comes in mind is to compare jadeite and normal jade (which from the chemical composition is nephrite a lower quality of jade). But when the name was created by the Chinese a long time ago this was not visible because the technical equipment was not available six thousand years ago. Today we can analyze and compare jade & jadeite by many parameters. E.g. by the weight at moh's scale which is the most basic parameter. After the reflection and brightness plus translucency.

What is our Jadeite Product range?

What is our product range? It starts with simple raw jadeite jade for sale with different colors among other green plus lavender and white and the yellow stone spectrum. Other jadeite jade colors are black and multi-color ideas where various shades blending with each other.

On the jadeite jade product side are necklace and rings plus roller and bangles including comparing and explaining the difference between jadeite and jade

We only deal in high-quality jadeite jade which is the high end of products make from stone the low end is nephrite jade also called Chinese Jade. Plus beautiful amber and other gemstones such as ruby and sapphire which are precious stones too but of another type.

Attractive jade bracelets of different colors.

Beautiful raw lavender green jadeite jade stones

Colorful raw jadeite jade stones for carvings.

Carved green & white jadeite jade bangles.

Deep purple jade bangle.

Deep purple jade bangle. Bangles are some of the best-selling jade jewels and there is a reason they look good and are not too expensive. so you can buy some with different colors to be prepared for every fashion trend.

Jadeite Jade colors.

Green lavender and white jadeite-jade is probably the most sought after version of the stone and higher prices are paid for because it simply looks better has more saturated colors and a pretty texture. Jadeite is the Myanmar (Burmese) and Guatemala version the other is nephrite also known as Chinese Jade.

Raw jadeite is the basic material for high-end items such as Feng Shui statues and Buddha statues. Green Jade is the most sought-after since history started with it. Rings are some of the most popular items made from stone. Jade Jadeite bracelets are also interesting as jewelry variants.

Appreciated by women.

Lavender Jade is the special stuff for women, they really like it. Jewelry made from the stone is affordable since the price range is very wide. Jade stones are purchased in many forms and colors. Pendants are pretty and valuable pieces the one on the right side goes for $17k at the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon. Beads are bought by many people as wholesale items to make ball chains bracelets and other jewelry in different colors. Burma Jadeite is the best quality raw product on the market. For sale is beautiful Burma Jadeite jade designed and carved in top-notch quality jewelry.

Jadeite Jade Color.

Colors are in the the rainbow spectrum from white to black with every shade in between most popular is green lavender and white. The deep green is also known as Imperial Jade and fetches the highest prices when it has the right parameter. Manufacturers try to manipulate the gems by filling cracks with raisin under high pressure and “enhance” the jadeite color via heat treatment and / or keeping the stones in a chemical solution for a while. Since they don’t tell this to customers they are crooks and the buyer of the piece has a bad surprise after 2-3 years when all this "enhancements" deteriorates. It really makes sense to know what is jadeite as sold here in the Thailand border town of Mae Sot. Most trader come from Myanmar but some from Thailand and even India.

There is also some material less shiny and colorful which is relatively affordable that is nephrite, but not only also the other version is lower priced when the quality is not top.

The best always has something to do with translucency. All this is real genuine with some silver and gold in between. There is no enhancements or similar just pure natural jadeit stones.

The mineral has a new "spring" time.

So to say since people got more buying power to shop for the jade stones. Many of them buy the jadeite stone since it has a mythical touch built up over thousands years and not within the reach of normal people before since it was simply too expensive or socially distributed.

On the other side it is possible to buy genuine jadeite bangles already for around seven dollars and up at the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon or at the Mae Sot street market in Thailand this is no joke.

Of course its visible that's not an high end item but its genuine and looks not bad . There is a interesting symbiosis since people of China adjacent to Myanmar are the world's biggest consumers of the stone and the other is the biggest producer of high end material. Although there is substantial processing into sculptures such as Buddha statues and other objects going on in Burma by far the largest processing is in China. They have plenty of processing technological know-how, myriads of people working as artists, carvers and producing fascinating jadeite jewelry.

There are state-owned manufacturing companies and private owned but the state companies are the majority. Every big city in China has its stone markets supplying the mineral in various forms to millions of people.

Manipulation attempts are many.

Many jade dealer try to squeeze money by cheating customers with all tricks such as bleaching the material in an acid bath heating up the stone to improve colors plus some tricks with resin to fill gaps are also known and more.

When you imagine that jade is the major gemstone in the Chinese World for at least 6 millenniums it is imaginable that they had plenty of time for testing. Another problem is there are no basic parameters that can be used as a guideline such as it is with diamonds and the 4C's let's say with ruby stones.

Guangzhou is a manufacturing center for Jadeite in China.

Guangzhou is a main manufacturing center for rough Myanmar (Burmese) jade. Other are in Shenzhen Yunnan's Tengchong Kunming Nanyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and at least a dozen more, China actually is the worldwide manufacturing center. Since new technologies are adapted in recent times its getting easier to create sophisticated art work plus the easy spread of information and pictures make it quite easy to tell everyone what is available.

The evidence is clear China has grown to be the world's top processing country of jadeite jade and Myanmar is the top supplier of high-quality rough material. Most rough nephrite today comes from British Columbia and Australia these days.

For thousands of years jade has been a symbol of top status and wealth in the Chinese society which was spoken Fei Cui with the aura of a spiritual gemstone worn close to one’s skin. The legend tells that the jade or jadeite ornament would emit energy to the wearer and the item function also protective.

  • Burmese Jade is the high end material and sculptures are made from.

  • Natural stones are what people want but there is a lot of fake around.

  • Bogyoke Market in Yangon is the place where to find top items.

  • Buddha Images are available in many colors but top is white and are often real beautiful and impressive.

  • Buy Jade is a good idea since it looks good, wont loose value and has a good image.

  • Jade Pictures are here to tell more since it is true, especially with this "magic stones", one picture tells more than thousand words, maybe even two thousand.

There are exactly 2 species of natural jade and this is Nephrite and Jadeite. Jadeite is the high-end and therefore more valuable the reason is the purer saturated colors and the finer textures. Jadeite is a sodium-rich pyroxene mineral formed by fine-grained crystals in metamorphic rocks under high pressure but low temperatures. In itself jadeite is white however different hues were generated by gases in the formation of the rock.

Green Color of Jade why?

The green color of jadeite is the result of chromium impurities. High-quality emerald green and saturated jadeite with minimal veins and no impurities is another factor of imperial jade here. Jade prices also depends on the natural transparency of the stone and the more transparent the stone becomes the higher the value climbs. In China several jade manufacturer use the translucency issue as a manipulation door to push prices they bath the stone for a longer time in various acidic liquids to achieve certain hues and level of translucency.

Jadeite jade with many colors.

Green and white jadeite is probably the most sought after version of the jade stone and higher prices are paid for because it simply looks better has more saturated colors and a pretty texture. Jadeite is the Myanmar (Burmese) and Guatemala version the other is nephrite also known as Chinese Jade.

But with the naked eye almost no difference can be seen between the various stones. Jadeite is harder in general has better colors and texture and a higher value. Since jade stones are mainly used to make jewelry such as pendants bangles necklaces earrings and finger rings the physical appearance and hue is very important.

Jadeite Buddha Statues.

Including Buddha statues and other sculptures. Very good quality items are rather rare and quite expensive. Actually prices climb continuously since more Chinese people can afford to buy natural jade.

The mineral has a new "spring" time.

South Sea Pearls

Luxury in silver gold pink black & white. South Sea Pears are grown in Tahiti, Australia and one of the newcomers are Myanmar are oyster farms in the Myeik Archipelago north of Phuket in south Thailand.

Jade jadeite bangle and lapis lazuli wristlets.

Jade jadeite bangle and lapis lazuli wristlets.

Jadeite Jade Bangles prices are rather on the high end since the jewelry and decorative work is mostly very pretty in particular with different colors blending into each other Its real eye candy.

The blue bangle in the lower part are lapis lazuli.