Jadeite Grade A Quality.

Grade a jadeite jade.

Grade A Jadeite Quality.

For top grade A jadeite jade quality the main parameters are texture hardness transparency and color. Other definitions are translucent and shiny such as fat grease milky dry water luster and opaque..

Hardness means resistance to pressure carving and grinding. All this parameter comes from the internal crystal structure. Since this is difficult to put into exact physical parameters is this leaves plenty of space for interpretation when evaluating genuine jade.

Jade Hardness?

The hardness of jadeite jade is almost matching diamonds and that's almost the hardest mineral on mother earth. The hardness is a basis for identification of the authenticity and grade level of the standards jadeite jade is harder than nephrite which it 7 to 5 on Mohe' scale.

The other basic values which push the prices up are translucency or transparency very smooth texture and beautiful "emerald green" imperial green color. Looking at all this combined it easily can be seen that it is easy to find very different price ideas.

When browsing shops just check by yourself a couple of the objects and ask to get an idea over a spectrum with you parameter you prefer. In general when buying a piece over around $ 1000,- insist on an evaluation in an independent lab since there is too much cheating going on and a normal buyer is not capable to figure out what's going on