Jade Jewelry Shop Yangon Myanmar.

The Jade Jewelry Shop.

Jade Jewelry Shop in Yangon.

Yangon has the highest count of top-quality jadeite jade shops in Myanmar and most of them are concentrated in the unique Bogyoke Market in Yangon the former capital.

Jade Shop High End.

Jadeite Jade Shop High End Stone Quality. The style of the this jewelry is sometimes not top fashion its rather conservative but gemstone quality is mostly high end.

Probably the best bazaar to buy jade in ASEAN (Southeast Asia) and not only jadeite this market includes the richest gemstone selection in Asia with specially focused on not only jade but also on corundum & other gemstones such as ruby and sapphire plus an amazing selection of other high-quality precious stones.

Ok there is Bangkok too as a competitor but the possibility to be cheated when buying a precious stone in the Thai capital is much higher anyway almost all gemstones you buy in Bangkok are from Myanmar and smuggled over the border since the border along the two countries is very porous. The quality of the gem shops is high end since the shops in Yangon are mostly direct outlets of the gem mines in upper Burma usually in Kachin State..