Jade Antique.

Old Antique & Vintage Jade Objects.

Beside of the big museum exhibiting all variants of jade stones e.g. in Beijing and Shanghai there are interesting smaller ones with an impressive collection of antique jade items. Here is the Jade Museum in KL (Kuala Lumpur) China Town but it looks that they moved the Jadestoneshop.

A Real Museum for Jade Lover.

Jade Carving.

Jade Carving.

Made from Jadestone in a shop.

Jade Antique Horse.

Jade Antique Horse.

Jade Furniture.

Jade Furniture.

Because I tried to visit the place in Aug 2021 but it was gone and as usual in the part of the world nobody knows where not even the taxi driver was able to find it out. Everyone who visits KL (Kuala Lumpur) which has a large Chinese population and even a vibrant China Town and wants to see fine jade carvings valuable and other pretty objects should have a look. The place is rather difficult to find a good start is at the backside of the Times Square Mall it's only a 15-minute walk through a quarter with small houses. If you get a map in the hotel and have it marked it should be no challenge to find. Just exit the monorail at Times Square Station. This was one of the most exciting jadestoneshop.

A jade store with a compelling selection of new and antique pieces of jade and jadeite.

An electrifying selection of jade jewelry.

Here are vintage and antique jade attractions they look very pretty with different styling and colors to have a look the ideal pretty things for an everyday environment.

Jade Antique Horse (1).

Jade Antique Horse (1) made from Jadestoneshop,

Antique Jade Buddha Sculpture.

Jade Art.

A sophisticated jadeite installation.