Ruby Diamond Earrings

Tempting Ruby Diamond jewelry available.

Ruby Gemstone paired with diamonds.

Ruby & Diamonds are not particular attractive when they are mined but when cut, facets applied and polished they can become fascinating jewelry of many variants such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches and more. These pretty gems are either natural or synthetic (simulated) and usually set in white and yellow gold.

There are two main versions of the gemstones the ones mined in Mogok Myanmar (Burma) and the other such as Mong Hsu and elsewhere in the world.

The gems found there are a bit different in their physical composition and often clear. Although all red stones have inclusions the combination of clarity and color (pigeon blood color) plus a high level of fluorescence is unmatched and that's the reason why they are so expensive it is somehow similar to jadeite which is much superior to nephrite for the parameter, the latter is also known as "Chinese Jade".

Natural Ruby.

Natural ruby rings are some of the highly sought jewelry worldwide, mostly for women but also men wear them often with a few smaller diamonds for decoration around. Natural ruby necklaces get very expensive quick since it always includes diamonds and gold for the setting. Natural ruby earrings make every woman shine maybe it needs dangling style otherwise they won't be visible.

Fine Corundum.

About fine corundum, with many colors and paired with diamonds plus the dedication to make women shine and after they feel good and maybe even attract the men better.

When looking through web pages you often will see differences of thousands of dollars although the stones are similar sized and won't look bad. There is two more parameter which is similarly important as the size this is clarity and fluorescent, the fact is that only Mogok Rubies show this on an interesting level especially the clarity is very important. Although there are no rubies without inclusions but the transparency level is very important, it somehow is similar to jade the more transparency the stone has the higher the price is.

This makes some of the red stones even more valuable than diamonds with the same parameter. But another fact is rubies are usually paired with diamonds to make them sparkling jewelry since the red stones by themselves have no "fire".