Color Gemstones.

Precious stones with Colors.

Precious stones with colors is a safe haven currency.

It may be surprising that investors are switching from gold to gemstones. The precious metal is considered the currency in crisis.

Just imagine: One kilogram of gold currently has the equivalent of around 52,000 euros. A ruby ​​that weighs a kilo would be worth 150 million euros. "You can easily put the value of a kilo of gold on the nail of your little finger with a ruby." This is a bit of abstract thought but it is true and many people use that way to carry high value almost invisible of course its not so easy to find a buyer for such a valued stone easily but in principle it works.

Genuine color precious stones. The photo shows an assortment of corundum stones such as ruby sapphire with various colors and jadestones,

Genuine Burma Ruby & Sapphire from the Mogok stone tract which is famous for color gemstones.

Investors also estimated that there is no obligation to declare gemstones - not even when crossing internal EU borders. Gold purchases with a value of 10,000 euros or more would have to be declared; also for imports or exports. This records who owns gold - precious stones allow their owner's certain anonymity so color gemstones are the ideal tool to carry large amounts of value hidden in a small space

Diamonds, emeralds and the like are therefore also the perfect escape currency. They are light, easy to hide. Unlike gold, the stones are also not recognized by metal detectors. That also makes them safer from theft.

Diamonds are classic precious stones.

But natural colored gemstones are catching up quickly.

Since the financial crisis in 2008 interest in gemstones has grown steadily. Since 1995 rubies have shown an increase in value of more than eight percent per year, sapphires of around six percent and emeralds have increased their value by around five percent per year

White diamonds are considered to have long-term value anyway. Compared to gold (physical), the US Dow Jones index or North Sea Brent oil, rubies and sapphires show a significantly better and more stable performance.

Be very careful when buying precious stones.

Don't buy precious stones from a dealer who offers a certificate that he has issued himself.

Precious stones certificate.

The colored gem is clearly described by a certificate. In addition to a photo of the stone information on its weight its color origin and treatment (there are many ) are the criteria that matter. This quality certificate should never be kept together with the stone. The certificate is also proof of ownership for the insurance company. Without a certificate gemstones cannot be resold well - at least not seriously.

Anyone who wants to invest above 1000 into gemstones.

Anyone who wants to invest is already there with small amounts. Stones from above 1000 euros should already come with a certificate of an independent laboratory.

Gemstones grow in the earth. Rubies, sapphires or emeralds are created depending on how much carbon or corundum is present in the soil. You cannot predict where the stones are, explains Herold-Gregor. The analysis of the soil is the guide. Every stone is therefore different.

Major mining areas of precious stones.

The most important mining areas include Burma, Brazil, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Colombia. But precious stones also grow in Europe, a good example is Austria. The most important emerald discovery site in Europe is located in the Habach Valley of the Hohe Tauern. All emeralds in the crown jewels of the Habsburgs come from Salzburg. There is also

Prices of Precious stones are good parameters of difficult times coming.

E.g. the current situation with the Wuhan Virus. In retrospect the sudden surge of demand in demand for precious stones in November 2019 was a first indicator for that something was wrong out there since the demand for gemstones from China exploded. In December 2019, there were the first reports from China about a virus. Wuhan has been cordoned off the and rest is history.