Black Jade Stone.

Rough Black Jade & Jewelry.

Raw black Myanmar jade jadeite stones with top natural quality no cracks or damages, just pure Myanmar Burmese & very important pls. indicate sizes.

Rough black jade boulder.

Rough black jade boulder and pebble to create pendants bangles sculptures artwork and more in the black jade color spectrum. It needs to understand that only genuine black Myanmar jade is of deep saturated black color. Almost all other raw plack sources promise black but when looking closer with a light source it appears to be dark green only but that's not what the customer wants, a customer wants strong saturated black jade color just straight and this you can find here in our jadeite stone shop.

Black Jade Stone Raw.

Rough black jade stone in many forms sizes shaps and shades alternatives.

Jadeite Ball Chain.

A wide spectrum of black jadeite items are available for very competitive prices.

Black jade bead chain.

Black jade bead chain made into necklaces with oyster shell pendant and other fashion jewelry.

Jadeite Jade colors stones

Jadeite Jade colors the most popular color from jade and nephrite is green especially imperial-jade green is highly sought after.

Black Jadeite Jade.

Black jadeite jade is a useful material with some mystic properties also a high level of symbolism is relevant. In many countries jade jewelry is not very well known but everywhere with a Chinese population jadeite jade is the jewelry material people are dreaming about getting green or black jade.

Pls. just tell us your requirements e.g. sizes and/or maybe a photo.

Raw black jade stone & jewelry.

Most black jadeite jade products are jewelry and there it's are pendants people prefer actually there is often a real artwork behind the carving. The themes are mythical dragons and all kinds of Buddha carvings plus Chinese Taoism ideas. If someone buys this they pay quite some money for it because it's rare and it needs to inspire the artist to get creative with a black jade stone.

Black Jadeite.

Black jadeite is a very rare version of the mineral which only occurs when a high amount of iron oxide and graphite was available during the creation of the stone the presence of both resulted in that totally dark color almost every shade of black/gray is available.

Black & Green Burmese Jade Chunks.

Black & green Burmese Jade Chunks.

Inside Jade Mountain.

Inside Jade Mountain.

Black Jade and other colors

Black Jade and other colors.

Jade chunks available cut.

Jade chunks available cut.

30 Myanmar/Burmese jade color.

Currently 30 Myanmar or Burmese jade color tones are identified, first is white which is free of impurities, the second is red containing traces of iron, further up is green with traces of chromium next comes black which has chromium and iron impurities plus yellow containing tantalum. Purple or lavender jadeite contains chromium, iron. and cobalt to give the colors.

Other colors come with different mixtures and amounts of the above indicated.

Raw black jade rock.

For many people, black jade stones symbolize the power of protection typical forms are pendants and rings. It is projected into black jade In physical and mental terms, but as usual, there is no evidence, it's your imagination. Some say it instills the emotions of calm and serenity in the person who wears the object. There are many myths about various jade colors and black is a magnificent example of a magical color that this stone can hold. People usually wear them as pendants and bracelets.

Variants are pieces of the gemstone where dark lines or spots are running through. The totally dark color show somehow the variety of the mineral because between here and white everything is available.

Pendants bangles and beads are the most popular black cabbing jade jewelry.

Plus cabochons in all variants such as polished or faceted and often it gets bigger with statues and other objects to create jade-jadeite jewelry from.

Below are shown some black jade boulders & jewelry

In the jade photos.

Are lots of color and style variants pls. note the pearl ball chains and mother of pearl pendants on the left side this are all-natural genuine products of south Myanmars Andaman Sea.

Jadeite Necklace Fashion Novelties including black & white

Black Jadeite Necklace Fashion Novelties.

With various jade colors beads including black & white are used for many items among them rosaries.. This is are all-natural jadeite products for very reasonable and consumer-friendly prices

Jade Art Creations.

Popular consumer handicraft products created by carving (drilling) from Jade are shown at the Bogyoke Market in Yangon with a jade price range of some hundred to several thousand $.

Within the whole color spectrum from white to black jade.

on the left pictures are some lavender & white jade Buddha statues

Black Jade Fashion Novelties.

Actually this are not only black jadeite jade bangles and bracelets, there is also a "macho" trend with black jadeite pendants showing fine carvings of Chinese warriors plus dragons.

Jade bracelets are some of the oldest and most popular pieces of jewelry they were already worn by the old Chinese around 6000 years ago as findings in ancient tombs indicate. At that time it was the green nephrite version today we write about the black Myanmar jade version. There are not many black jade sources and sometimes it's only a very dark green. The idea is always the same to adorn the body but the little problem was and is jade nephrite and jadeite it one of toughest material found on earth almost as hard as s diamond so how to handle the stone? It's not easy at all and they were only decorative.

Jade bangles and bracelets are worn by both men and women actually the black color is preferred by men. The Chinese has a dual use for jade jewelry as a body decoration and a spiritual to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Many well-to-do Chinese were entombed with their most valuable bracelets bangles and other jewelry of black jade / jadeite.

Naturally because of the value of certain black jade bracelets it also can indicate status and rank. Together with pendants earrings and fingerings this little pieces of body decoration remain the most popular and accessible accessories people wear every day even men feel comfortable wearing them.

Black Jade Bangles

Jade bangles are bracelets in solid form and often worn in pairs or groups mainly by women. Black jade jewelry is very durable and versatile just considering this is one of the toughest materials on earth. The bracelet adds an elegant touch to any outfit.

The name jade is used for 2 variants of stones nephrite and Jadeite which is comparatively harder and has a better texture and surface structure both are available in many colors among them is black jade-jadeite. When inspecting black jade a bit closer a deep green hue is with but more saturated is jadeite but finally the black jadeite is often the choice, tourmaline is another black gemstone variety other are obsidian onyx pearls opal spinel & garnet. see the photos to get a better visual impression.

Since black jadeite is more saturated and has a denser color than other black stones it is more often used for jewelry and ornaments anyway the stone has a magical and mystic touch. After the Chinese got familiar with black Burmese jadeite import of Burmese jadeite rapidly increased in form of funeral ornaments tools weapons and jewelry.

Black Jade Stone is Fashion Style.

Black jade is a rare color of the magnificent stone of heaven. This color occurs in this mystical stone that has a high amount of graphite as well as iron oxide. The graphite turns the usual green color of the stone to a very dark green which visually appears as black jade.

Black jade symbolizes protection from negative energy and helps the wearer harness the wise use of personal power. The imaginations are all black stones give protection from attack and help to control greed and need to control a situation.

Black jade is found all over the world and comes in both the nephrite and jadeite versions. Some locations the stones can be found are Big Sur in California and other areas of the US. It is also mined in China Australia and New Zealand.

Green Jade is Imperial Jadeite

Top prices are always paid for green imperial jade plus high-quality black jade because that's the right color with some tensions since they directly correlate to money when selling. There is the emerald, olivine and plenty of other mostly all this is jadeite a lesser quality is nephrite. There is talk about to relate this to culture in the Chinese world since the stone has a high value and within money-driven Chinese culture it stands automatically for it somehow but these gemstones of top quality are almost always Burmese jadeite. From

A ever-increasing combination is with gold two very valuable materials great to wear to show and a sustained value. In the current quick changing world this are two conservative items for easy investment and the object is known for centuries, its imperial jade.

The value is almost for sure only moving upwards this has something to do with limited resources and growing demand in particular from China where more people buy these precious stones, because of the superior value, not only today but also tomorrow.

The mineral was appreciated by Chinese emperors.

They even wore it in the grave. It has also a high supernatural value since they interpret all kinds of funny attributes in the stone.

At current times the good stuff is jadeite from Burma, this is a very fine material and there is nothing better that's the reason why this business is booming and the northern neighbors are on the buy side. It's beauty in particular with the right texture varying from glass like called translucency to fat grease like structure, shape and transparent opaque.

The country is the worldwide number one in jadeite deposits and production Those are in the north of the country which is Kachin state. The other is nephrite from Canada, China, Australia and other places, among them Taiwan.

This high-grade black jade mineral.

Is often more valuable than other precious stones priceless treasures of a material which looks pretty and has a good image on top of it prices are constantly rising. But there are still enough boulders buried in Myanmar's Kachin state to satisfy the demand for decades. Since north Myanmar is the only place where jadeite is found it made many Burmese people rich.

Vibrant and striking emerald jade or other shades it all has organic elements such as spinach color or simply the grass, all this is nature,

all this is Jadeite.

This high price material can be shiny and translucent somehow like water or grease

Imperial Jade Jewelry

Jade Pendant Jewelry

that’s what Chinese ladies prefer as jewelry. But that’s not the only colors available there are

browns, lavender, and reds, purple and pure white. This variety fits to any season's trends, fine jade is through the whole spectrum of the rainbow.

The material is popular since thousands of years and the durability is exceptional plus the increasing value of the natural stone makes sense to buy it.

Chinese call it "Eastern Diamond". This gemstone is not only bought because it looks good as body decoration, people also interpret some super natural and health properties into it. Long time ago it has been ground, mixed with water and taken as a drink, people said it is good for the kidneys among other. It's genuine Imperial jade with great saturated color

Pretty Rings for sale

Primarily the hunt is after vivid colors for jewelry and white for Buddha sculptures. The tint of the mineral comes from different impurities such as iron and manganese which came into the forming process.

Chinese buyers are almost always after imperial jade with a rich semi transparent appearance, the more the higher the value, just have a look at this bangles and rings.

This grassy color comes from chromium inclusions and this is the most expensive variant. Prices can match other precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and even diamonds.

Bangles from the Bogyoke Market Yangon

It can be worked into beautiful pieces of jewelry such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and artistic statues and other objects.

Ball chains with different colors

Imperial Jade Jewelry Pendant

Rings with white gold and cabochons

Bangles in grassy green plus black and white.

To make the jewels even more attractive carvings are made, they use a driller for that.

Sometimes some white gold or silver is worked around the actual stone to allow the return of the light back into the mineral which increases reflection and makes it more shiny and transparent. In Myanmar produced jewelry is usually pure no metals around.

Pendant and Necklace

Jewelry made from is rather in a female context but not only. There are often gold rings with a prominent valuable piece of jadeite. Carved pendants often show a Buddha image, other on the high-end price scale may include a diamond or other precious stones.

Bracelets are also chic with younger people when they come as ethnic adornment in a combination with other stones or pearls. They enrich the optical impression and indicate some glamour. It also looks good and creates anexotic oriental aura to enrich accessories. These artworks are very decorative and a sure positive eye-catcher in any home or office.

A difficult part of the creation is to bring the right hue in a proper position, since this is one stone it needs some thinking to handle this.

Black fashion stones.