Amber Novelties

Including Jade Novelties.

Beautiful Amber ovelties with inclusions.

Popular amber novelty jewelry comes in a cognac color, among other as charming pendants wrist trinkets bracelet , earrings and more fine pieces for an appealing look.

Amber Bracelet

Amber Bracelet

Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Carved amber pendant bird picture

Carved amber pendant bird picture

Major market for amber products are teething necklace and similar utensils actually I guess you dont like much when the small one is crying because teeth are coming. Every day new amber novelties are available and a brand new player in this market although a long time producer with small jewelry is Myanmar the former Burma. That way prices are mostly kept up to around thirty dollars it might include some beads and special stuff such as buttons, also they are not very sought after anymore. The forests are hiding fossil amber. One of the most famous areas the brown to golden colored resin is found are the Baltic States, Dominican Republic and Myanmar the former Burma..

Buying the brown organic gemstone jewelry won't automatically mean it is Baltic amber since in the last few decades new deposits have been found by technological detection improvements. Now the drops and bigger items come e.g. also from Myanmar’s north around the same area where novelty jadeite jade is mined that is Kachin State.

Myanmar is a new player with a Buddhist background.

Myanmar is a new player with a Buddhist background and handcrafted Buddhist themed jewelry and objects. They know how to handle that since the do the same with marvelous jade since hundreds of years.

Amber and jade stretch bracelets

Amber and jade stretch bracelets

They are a very sought after combination of low priced although very attractive simple jewelry with beautiful design and exotic colors.

Amber Jewelry with fossil inclusions and pretty pieces of body decoration are amber jewelry but there is more. Now beside of Baltic it's Myanmar Amber with amazing amber Buddha carvings and necklaces. In particular, many people find the inclusion of insects somehow attractive.

Just imagine there is a fly frozen in time since 100 millions of years inside that piece of amber that could be interesting indeed. In recent times a few other producers from the Dominican Republic and Myanmar Burma came to market with exceptional Burmese amber Buddha carvings and Jewelry

Myanmar is well known for rubies sapphires and other colored gemstones and with amber the managed to create a somehow organic fusion jewelry items.

Amber Jewelry carvings from Myanmar they found out that with their great knowledge for jade carving it's an ideal new match to make real jewelry artwork. Imagine a skillful jade Buddha but made from amber. Since the cognac colored organic gemstone is not very hard it is ideal for stone carvings of statues and jewelry.

Other amber sources.

The time is right to look at amber from a different perspective besides of beautiful jewelry there is a trend to amber art objects and ornaments.

A German traveler Fritz Noetling described in 1892 about the mining of Myanmar/Burmese amber how it was mined and brought some samples of end products to Europe such as beads and small sculptures. The story of all this is very similar to jade which was also found in Kachin State.

Studies of the trapped insects in 1917 indicated that this resin was from other aged as the Baltic material the mines were closed in 1936 and restarted again at the change of to the 21st millennium. Since the 201x Myanmar/Burmese jewelry and ornaments show up in Yangon's Bogyoke Market the central gem shopping place in the former capital.

Amber Pendants

It is an attraction for people since ancient times because of the pretty color and the inclusions.

Some are collecting it since the Stone-Age and maybe even before, it was mostly used for pendants and ornaments at that remote time. It also had some use in medicine and as a fragrance.

Because the stones show a frozen instant in time they also have an attraction to archaeologists and geologist and not only to them.

Amber Jewelry.

Amber jewelry is also available in blue, green and red although they are difficult to find when you go shopping for something special this is definitely the right direction. Although Myanmar (Burma) is a newcomer in this business they have plenty of experience to handle this organic stones because they do the same since centuries with jade jewelry. Actually, both stones come from the same region which is the Kachin state in the north of the country.

Newly on the market are gorgeous Buddha statues with golden colors and fine carvings in the best tradition of beautiful jade items.

The price range for fossil amber jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings is rather wide and for sure nothing cheap is included except some small random formed stones available as loose cabochons similar to ruby and sapphire. When buying the beauties in Yangon Bogyoke Market it is always possible to squeeze out discount but make sure to get an official invoice otherwise custom make problems when leaving the country.

Exotic Gems.

attractive amber bracelets

Attractive Amber Bracelets

If setting is around it's mostly silver to keep the costs down since using gold immediately will increase the price dramatically although silver harmonize best. Pls. check our gemstoneshop for exotic gems