Jade Sculpture.

Jade Statues Figurines.

Jade Sculptures are usually created by skillful artists.

They used this stone by creative means during 13 Chinese dynasties until today this artwork often reflects Chinese culture. What makes the stone very suitable for sculpturing are the varietiy of colors and hardness.

Jade Buddha Sculpture.

Jade Buddha Sculpture with transparancy/transluciency and different colored jadestone here green jade & lavender.

Jade Sitting Buddha Sculpture Green Lavender Color

Sitting Jade Buddha Sculpture. Fine Jadeite with green and lavender color very decorative as table stillife.

Standing Jade Buddha Statue.

Standing Jade Buddha Statue with light green color.

Jade Horse Statue Jumping.

Very decorative jadeite artwork.

There are also several ways to create particular colors artificially common is via an acidic bath or often via heath. Against common belief that jade material is carved it is not it is done by drilling. This is a tough, often translucent gemstone that has a long history over several thousand years, sculptures also are made since then, ornamental plaques have been found from around 7000 years ago.

Chinese View of Jade.

In the Chinese view the mineral is associated with positive attributes such as pure noble and protective plus there are rumors it keeps the wearer healthy.

In China and Myanmar/Burma plenty of different carved (rather drilled) objects are on sale exhibition or simply as a decoration in temples homes and offices.

They not only link the gemstone with their culture it’s also a great medium for decorative art by excellent craftsmanship expressing forming ideas into expressive and attractive pieces of jewelry arts and crafts.

Jade Statues.

Jade Sculpture Carved

Jade Sculpture Carved.

Jade Sculptured represent the almost endless imaginations of the artists and it's for sure not only the expressions of Chinese artists.

The Jade/Jadeite creations are really international because many creative people use this fantastic gemstone although the material is very hards almost like sapphire but with tools available today the imaginations have no limits.

Jade Pendants

Jade Pendant are rather small sculptures but nevertheless can be beautiful and creative.

Carved Jade is often the creation of a creative artist a decorative item a Jade Buddha and other objects it is everything but easy. This has also something to do with the hardness of the jadestone sculpture material which is not far off from the hardness of diamonds. Because of this extremely hard mineral it is very durable.