Gemstones Ball Chains.

Burma (Myanmar) is well known for certain products among them are jadeite jade sapphire & ruby ball chains and beads used to make jewelry which are famous and some not so famous which have been opium poppy's in the past and synthetic drugs currently.

Ball chains beads of jade and amber jewelry

Jade Ball chains beads & amber jewelry.

ruby and sapphire beads plus jade balls.

Ruby and sapphire beads.

This are genuine no artificial or synthetic products.

Myanmar stone treasures

Myanmar stone treasures

Ball chains beads of jade and jade jewelry

Ball chains beads of jade jewelry.

Jade Ball Chains.

Myanmar is famous for gemstones in small ball form beads and all variants of bigger and smaller chains. The girls like it and the US do everything possible to support the drug dealing because they are the main party which puts the embargo on Myanmar practically on every item Myanmar can import.

Top in luxury.

Low prices & high quality.