Jade Ring

Jade rings.

Jade rings and bands are not as popular like diamond or ruby and sapphire rings but among Chinese people the green jewelry is highly appreciated in all versions as fingerings and earrings often in a sterling silver setting since the cool colors are a perfect match. Currently (2020) ice jade rings are the top fashion items when buying jewelry.

Natural solid archery jadeite ring

Natural jade solid archery ring.

jade cabochon silver ring

Jade cabochon silver ring.

Jade rings and ear clips have a high price tag with the right amount of transparency (defined by the name "ice" when buying the products in the website here you get natural and genuine jade stones also the silver and gold metal is not diluted as many dealers do to squeeze some more money out.

Jade is a excellent choice for your ring or a band since it looks good and is durable plus always on the high end of fashion and available in almost every color. Consider an engagement ring or wedding band (no need for diamonds) actually diamonds have some use in context with jadeite when some sparkling is needed because the green stone usually is not faceted means not sparkling also very pretty shining when polished.

Body piercing jewelry.

Body piercing jewelry made from surgical steel with creative artwork such as horseshoe circular forms bead ring plus tongue barbell and artistically made ear rings