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Here is a virtual fashion jewelry shop presenting top-notch creations with amazing beauty made from exotic materials with plenty of colors this is a real treasure-trove the right place to find something unique for women and girls alike in silk can be an add on to a silk robe with the jewelry colliers around the neck heavy rings with many carats on the fingers plus bracelets on the arms.

Various precious materials such as jade sapphire ruby and the rediscovered spinel plus a whole range of other beautiful semi-precious stones including sophisticated jadeite jade.

One of the first mixed top-quality shows of different styles of European and Asia body decoration with these themes were presented to the public was Cartier's collection called Inde Mystérieuse and it is a showcase of a long history of Indo-European jewelry fascination. In 1913 Cartier focused his eye on India and translated the pictures he has seen into his own world. At that time it was a jewelry exhibition at Cartier in New York inspired by Indian art. It referred to the formal language of the Moghul era, of the 16th to the 18th Century, during which the wealth was unfolded by unprecedented jewelry made from Jade, ruby beads, engraved emeralds, diamonds from unique quality and size that you had to give them names

Shiva and Parvati, where yoga meets fashion & mysticism.

Shiva and Parvati.

Cartier’s Indian Style jewelry fashion creations in the decades following had a strong influence by Indian mythology. One famous picture from Cartier was were he held a emerald engraved with Shiva and Parvati sitting in front of a tiger skin. After this emerald was the centerpiece of a great piece of jewelry a necklace. Also there was some orientation to the jewelry art of the Indian stone engraver who brought the precious stones into different forms as their European counterparts.

While in Europe except cabochon baguette and a few other cut’s not much of creative art was available the Indian artists engraved stones with fragile ornaments and ribs in their polished surfaces. But the fascination of jewelry also returned in the opposite direction which was not art but rush fashion art jewelry . Maharajas (or rather someone from the court) knocked on the door of Cartier in Paris Rue de la Paix or London’s New Bond Street to have the family jewels modified with a modern chic.

The Maharajah of Patiala a prince from the Punjab ordered a set of necklaces bracelets and other jewelry which were on

Cartier Indian Style Jewelry

exhibition in 1928 in the shop windows in the Rue de la Paix. It seems what Cartier learned from India was the courage to experiment to the asymmetry and simply to play with the jewelry material. As for the Indian customer where the jewelry literally was put into their the cradle wanted from Cartier? It might have been clarity reduction and the chic of western flair.

For the collection "Inde Mystérieuse" Cartier remained rather on a low creative burner for Indian taste, for European taste it was a outburst of creativity. A jewelry collier made from pearls of beryl plus an eye-catcher made from a huge rubelit crystal surrounded by diamonds was shown and highly praised. Or another collier, in the shape of a yellow tiger with emerald eyes clings to the neck.

The fact that woman’s best friends are diamonds and jewelry was not invented by Marilyn Monroe but rooted in the Indian codices for marriage wealth distribution and the position of women in marriage. Because of the property freely available in the case of the loss of her husband is a assurance to her. It may only keep a certain amount of money (the other goes to the husband), but they can possess jewelry on a unlimited scale.

Thailand's Chanthaburi a bit more to the east today is the trading place in Asia for colored precious and semi precious stones also known as the domain of gemstone burner.

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