Precious Stones.

Precious Gemstones.

Precious Stones with colors such as Ruby & Sapphire & Jade plus more.

Why investors rely on colored precious stones? Colored gemstones have become the darling of investors in recent years. They are an investment alternative to gold. What to watch for when buying them a quick comprehensive guide.

Ruby & Sapphire Polished Cabochon Gemstones.

Ruby & Sapphire Polished Stones pictured at left are cabochon cut gemstones.

Blue & Pink Sapphire Bracelet.

Precious Blue & Pink Sapphire Bracelet. Pink Sapphires are more & more used as substitutes to pink diamonds since the latter reached almost astronomical prices after certain Hollywood divas such as Jenifer Lopez and others show them as body decoration. Actually it is almost impossible to see the difference between a pink sapphire and a pink diamond with the naked eye.

White blue pink Sapphire Cabochon.

White blue pink Sapphire Cabochon.

Ruby sapphire necklace traditional Myanmar style in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon the former capital of Myanmar.

Ruby market.

At this open-air ruby market in Mogok Myanmar about 120 km north of Mandalay second quality ruby stones are sold every day by women who work in the ruby mines and take some of the ruby red stones with them and use them for a second income.

Genuine Natural Ruby Crystal

Genuine Natural Ruby Crystal.

Preciouses white Diamonds

Preciouses white Diamonds.

This stones have been donated by devote Buddhist over centuries to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and placed on the top of the stupa.

Precious white diamonds.

White diamonds are considered to be of stable value in the long term anyway. Compared to gold (physical), the US Dow Jones index or North Sea Brent oil, rubies and sapphires show a significantly better and more stable performance.

Take special care when purchasing precious stones.

If you want to get natural stones into the depot, you should make sure that they are really untreated - that is, neither heat-treated nor radioactive or that cracks have been filled. A certificate from a gemological institute confirms the naturalness.

Investors should never buy stones without an independent certificate and make sure that this has been issued by a specialist laboratory. The Swiss Gemological Institute SSEF, GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are examples of recognized certifiers. Basic buying parameter is not to buy if a dealer only offers a certificate that he has issued himself. (in house certificate).

The certificate of the gemstone..

The colored gem is clearly described by a certificate. In addition to a photo of the stone, information on its weight, its color, origin and treatment are the criteria that matter. This quality certificate should never be kept together with the stone. The certificate is also proof of ownership for the insurance company. Without a certificate, gemstones cannot be resold well - at least not seriously.

Anyone who wants to invest can do this with rather small amounts. Stones from 1000 euros are already certified. Precious stones are often reflecting the real life.

Reflecting real life.

The stones are also an indicator of the current situation. In retrospect the sudden surge in demand for colored precious stones in November 2019 was a first indicator for many knowledgeable people that something was wrong.

When the demand for gemstones from China exploded. in December 2019 were the first reports from China about a virus. Wuhan has been cordoned off the rest is history

Raw Uncut Jade Jadeite Stones.

Raw Uncut Jade Jadeite Stones.

Other precious color stones are jadeite jade.

To demonstrate the wide spectrum of jadeite jade since most people always relate jade with green but as it is clearly visible green jade is only one variant of many attractive shades. Other jade stones colors are white black lavender yellow and variants with different hues.

Already our early ancestors liked pretty semi-precious stones giving the most jade prominent mineral names here are data about gemstones such as rubies sapphires emeralds and how they are mined cut faceted and polished in a fascinating technological process or often just collected in the old fashion way.

Here are newest information on gemstone colors and shopping. Most precious stones are of an inorganic material with a particular chemical composition and an internal crystal structure. A few of them such as pearls and amber are from plants and animals origin they are known as organic gems.

Other gemstones such as Lapiz Lazuli turquoise and azurite plus copper-rich stones blend with water. Malachite emeralds and tourmaline are made when water get in touch with magma and then crystallize spaces are broken up are filled with veins of other minerals and form hydro-thermal deposits.

In the last hundred years artificial precious stones were created in labs which are physically the same as the natural ones often even better because much clearer (less inclusions) but people like it made by mother nature. Normally all minerals are originated from natural processes without any direct activity or interference of man. With modern technology today physical and chemical properties similar to mineral are made but because it is artificial man-made it cannot be called natural.

Most precious color stones.

But the most valuable color stones are fancy diamonds plus red ruby and blue sapphire. Beside of those pink sapphire are slowly penetrating the market after the enormous success of pink diamonds.

And since then many buyer replaced pink diamonds with sapphire which look very much the same and can be faceted easily, because of this are a interesting substitute for pink diamonds.

natural genuine precious stones

Natural genuine precious stones.

Gemstone ruby cabochons

Color Gemstones Ruby cabochons.

Myanmar Natural Precious Color Stones.

Here is a sample assortment (not complete) of available Myanmar (Burmese) gemstones precious stones. All together there are over 200 different precious stones and semi-precious available in Myanmar all natural.

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Natural (semi) precious stones?

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retail precious stones

Natural precious stones:

Natural precious stones all pure no synthetic stones. Its easy to imagine the diversity of Burmese (Myanmar) gemstones there are about 150 varieties. Most in this picture are corundum gemstones extracted from the Mogok stone tract

Mining methods for precious color stones.

The rubies of Mogok occur in a crystalline limestone matrix while the sapphires are derived from pegmatites. Weathering has transported the rubies down from the hills to the valley floors where they have settled in the bottom of the streams and rivers to form part of the alluvium. It is from these ancient river gravels that the majority of the stones have been recovered. Three major types of mines exist in Mogok: the twin-lon or pit method for excavating plus the open trench method. for excavating hillside deposits: and the 'ludwin' system for extraction of gem-hearing materials that fill limestone caves.

Ruby mining in Mogok Myanmar

Artisanal mining of color gemstones.

Artisanal mining in for red ruby and blue sapphire color gemstones in Mogok Myanmar or small-scale miner who are not working for a mining company they rather work independently, and hope to find a stone which maybe bypassed the preselection before.