Jade Egg.

Jade Eggs for a more Intense Orgasm.

The are two versions of jade eggs one is used in certain parts of the female body to intensify an orgasm and the rough version is usually a bigger one which is processed into jade jewelry.

Green jade egg

Green jade egg

light green jade egg

Light green jade egg.

What the smaller jade eggs are for? There is an application for a jade egg most people don’t know it goes a bit in the Yoga direction. People say that is the right stuff for women which unfold some kind of mystic energy when inserted between the legs.

Jade eggs for "kegel" exercise

Large egged-shape stones (kegels) are for the starter and smaller ones for the advanced, it is said that the stones somehow train the muscles which let a women better control an orgasm.

After the round piece of the mineral (kegels see picture above) is inside the womb it releases certain positive energy throughout the body. They have a tiny hole through the center where a string is inserted to make it possible to move the stone object this way some vaginal exercises can be made.

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Corundum family: which are sapphire & rubies plus jadeite jade.

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Jade eggs will intensify a woman's orgasm.

Maybe since the uterus begins contracting in a similar manner to orgasm. This intensifies blood circulation which has together with the hormones a positive rejuvenation effect. Together with it pelvic floor exercise should be made.

Don’t use it during pregnancy or period cycles, just to put this into the right context, what is written here is not a joke.

The header pictures above shows some more beautiful "eggs" made from rubies and sapphires all from the Bogyoke Market in Yangon.