Lavender Jade.

Lavender Jade Jewelry.

Lavender Jade is a very rare beautiful and brighter version of the "stone of heaven".

These Jade Stones are available as raw lavender or purple jade stone and carved jewelry it is also on a lower price scale compared to translucent imperial green or ice jade which is the high end. Lavender earrings pendant necklace bangle and other jade jewelry. Below are some lavender jade rings and earrings available they are gorgeous.

Lavender or Purple Jade color.

Lavender Jade color is also known as purple and similar to other jade gemstones the general parameter is the more translucent they are the higher the value. Currently (2019) the top fashion color is "ice jade".

This is also a starting point for jade fakes because when the stone is in an acid bath long enough it will become more transparent and shiny, although lavender jade is usually not dyed but since this stone version is rather rare the dying could happen by objects of over about $ 100,-.

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Below that threshold the processing cost for dying is too high to make it profitable also check if there are some white veins in the stone since they will probably disappear during a dying treatment.

This variant of jade is the jadeite stone and not nephrite. Jadeite jade is the most attractive color in the spectrum it comes in many varieties and probably has the most pretty and saturated hues.

Lavender is strongly feminine orientated just watch the photos they visualize tell why this color is next to green and white the most sought after. Buddha pendants and necklaces with an elephant as the central object framed with silver are quite popular.

Lavender jade meaning?

Lavender jade meaning? The jewelry and raw version have no particular meaning besides the mystic and health factors Chinese people are interpreting into "The stone of heaven" which actually is the same with every jadeite jade mineral.

What I personally like is the lavender color especially when it won't be too pale. When a jade stone was created due to very high atmospheric pressure and magnesite penetrated the stone during that time the color turned into a hue of purple (lavender).

Lavender Jade Ring.

The color spectrum of lavender jade rings is within blue and purple actually a bit more magenta into the blue with a touch of red. Since there is no much basic "fire" in a jade ring design many jewelry creations use diamonds to add some sparkling.

But finally it's the buyer who makes the decision but with lavender jade it's usually preset which means this light violet stone color and a silver setting are a perfect match anyway click the pictures for more there are other great designs available most are handmade.

There are countless of lavender ring styles in particular the color of the stone which usually is a small cabochon but not much can go wrong with this beautiful gift people like either by design or by the colors or metaphysical properties. Chinese buyers always interpret metaphysical properties into which often overwhelms the other parameter. Although jadeite don't have such a high profile as diamonds for wedding rings the lavender color and a good design makes it an attractive jewelry for that purpose.

Although jade is not so popular as an engagement ring material but with some sparkler around this can be trimmed into the high end. Actually jadeite slowly found its way into the high-end buyer market and is slowly becomes mainstream. Its finally the colors and the designs which make the difference.

High-end jade jewelry has a brighter level of translucency. The more transparency the higher the price which is normal with jade anyway. When buying check for micro-cracks with at least a 10 x magnifying glass.

Dying lavender jade.

Although purple jade is usually not dyed it happens sometimes how to find it out? When a larger area on the gemstone has a good dark color since it is rather difficult to find a jade stone with this color and a consistent surface usually there are always some inclusions and lavender jadeite is rather light and gets a more saturated color when dyed.

And when the purchasing price reaches higher grounds check it with the UV flashlight. These torch lights are not expensive but a good indicator of the basic jade parameter is OK.

Considering the continuous cheating attempts especially when buying jade jewelry at a local store better harness yourself to be prepared or buy from a trusted source as on the website.

Color variants of lavender jade cabochon rings.

When buying this pretty stone jewelry through the pageboy here is safe but there are many shops and jewelry stores in the world and really most people don't know how they play the game. Interesting in lavender? As an alternative try white jade jewelry they also make great rings either as a solid all carved out jadeite ring or in a silver or white gold setting.

Just have a look at the lavender jade beads used at the bracelet bangles and ball chain below to see the real beauty.

Although the gemstone has probably the most beautiful jade color it is not the most valuable before is white and imperial green jadeite which are more valuable when a few physical factors come together but in overall terms the purple hue is hard to beat just look at the small jewelry pictured below such as earrings fingerings and pendants.

A beautifully carved purple jade ring.

A beautifully carved purple jade ring is often mounted into a silver setting or white gold since the rather cool color matches best. Lavender jadeite bangle & bracelets are for sure some of the most attractive items on your wrist and a pendant may be on a leather string or a matching necklace. Just have a close look at the ads below since they are showing top-designed jewelry.

Actually this is the same with all jade colors it all has to do with a certain trace element impurity when the stones were created in this case it's magnesium making the hue.