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Jadeite Jade is a very special stone better known is the variety with a little lower quality in terms of hardness color and brilliance under the name of jade which actually is nephrite and high valued by most Chinese people who even interpret mythical power into it jadeite is the high end and naturally a more expensive version of jade.

Jadeite vs Jade .

Jadeite cabochon

Jade Jadeite Cabochon

Sought after for fashion jewelry and attractive rings of various colors. This way it is also easy to see the different jade colors since jade is not green only.

Jade is used for thousands of years for various purposes here are interesting photo of trading and items crafted from jadeite & nephrite jade such as weapons, household items, burial clothing, jewelry and sculptures of Jade Buddha plus other statues and figurines.

Substantial Jadeite jade mining is done in Myanmar's Kachin state and in Guatemala (for a jadeite stone with a rather blue color.) The most attractive jadeite statues (for my taste) are Buddha Statues they are also the pretty sculptures with a mystical aura.

Jadeite Prices.

Jadeite prices for sculptures, jewelry and statues can quickly run into a five digit dollar sum if it is quality jadeite jade with the right color and size such a imperial jade with deep green color and a high amount of translucency. Probably the best jade photos are made from jadeite jade since that colors luster and translucency are superior to any other jade-stone jadeite is also know under the name of Burmese Jade.

Naturally it is also important who created the piece of art and how old is it but since today everyone can buy jade crafting tools for affordable prices the manpower skills move into the front again to check out your creativity just buy the tools here and the raw jade stones here and give it a try to build up your skills working with jade makes fun and produce a high satisfaction after a while when you improved your creativity. To work with jade stone will take a while but the results are highly beautiful.

female jade sculpture

lavender jade sculpture

jade photo of a table still life

jade Buddha photo

Raw jadeite jade rock pictures

The rough jade pictured here is genuine and natural mineral material the same is for the bangles and bracelets plus other low price jewelry items. Among other are also jasper and obsidian stones and handcrafted beautiful stones. It just needs to be very vigilant in this stone shops at the Thailand Myanmar border because they mix plenty of other stone material with it such as treated marble and call all of them high priced jade. They just lie which is notorious not only in Thailand or Myanmar.

cheap jade shop

Jade shop open air

jade market photos

Jade market photos

raw jade rocks

Raw jade rocks

jadeite Buddha sculpture

Jadeite Buddha sculpture

jade rock shop at the Thailand Myanmar border.

Jade rock shop at the Thailand Myanmar border.

Jade Jadeite Jade Bangle

genuine raw lavender jade stone

genuine raw lavender jade stone. lavender color version of the stone is rather rare although very pretty with a feminine touch. Comes usually in blend with white and green. Just as you can see in the photo above. It is very difficult to find a strong lavender color. But on the other hand there is very beautiful jade jewelry available this days most is Burmese jadeite.

Jadeite Jade green cabochon

Jadeite Jade black cabochon

Ruby cabochon