Imperial Jade.

Imperial Jade

 Green Jade is also known as "Imperial Jade".

Also known as spinach and emerald green which is the most valuable version of the jadeite - jade .  Artists create sculptures from and one of the most popular are Buddha statues beside of the colors already indicated there is blue jade (also known an Olmec Jade) which is found in Central America notably Guatemala and Honduras even the old Maya and Olmecs used it as body decoration and for ritual purposes. Very beautiful green jade is also known as imperial jade.

Green and white pearl necklace.

Green jade and white pearl necklace.

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A very old symbol since thousands of years  is the imperial jade seal of China which is a Chinese piece of expressing power or rather express the mighty imperial power it becomes more popular this day since the "red dragon" is starting slowly to move again but this days it with an economic idea but the idea is the same since thousands of yours ago amass material value the Chinese are, it looks to me as if they seriously think they can take all this stuff into the tomb.

Imperial Jade and jewelry items are such materials good example imperial are imperial jade rings, imperial jade mica imperial jade bangle and the better the translucency and texture is the higher the imperial jade price is rising. naturally it also depends very much on the design and a couple of other parameter. 

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 Green Jade is also known as imperial jadeite.

Throughout Chinese history nephrite had its place with people as tools weapons knives and the most precious was imperial jade used for jewelry.  Imperial jade is a very particular sort of the gemstone a mixture between the green color and translucency which is very rare. 

The first part of the production chain are always raw or rough jade rocks chunks pebbles and boulders. The next creations step are usually jewelry and sculptures ornaments  and figurines. 

There are lustrous imperial jade rings plus beautiful high end bracelets and bangles. Imperial jade is the high end just what buyers want who have enough cash somehow at diamond or ruby level the interesting is that all of this precious stones are mined in Myanmar (Burma). 

Most gemstones are available in Myanmar since diamonds and rubies are also found in Myanmar and a endless list of gemstones are mined in the country.

while nephrite colors are rather dull and at a limited spectrum, typical is dark green, black, and yellow. A major difference to jadeite jade is the last has similar color throughout the stone; the color in the first is different according to textures. Chinese gave a particular name this is "mutton fat" because of the cream color and transparency, it is used since thousands of years for various purposes as indicated above, they also made great green pendants from.

The raw or rough jade stones from Myanmar look better and is mainly used for jewelry and sculptures. This is often the point where cheating starts since people fill the cracks with resin under high pressure to make it look better which it actually does but after a few years this resin disappears and it gets ugly and no more emerald green and shiny.

Some quality parameter of imperial jade are the particular texture the color clarity translucency and no cracks. 

Precious stones and minerals a constant source to cheat other people who have less experience and simply don't know, the rule is when buying for more than around thousand dollars take a consultant with you or insist that the seller come with you and the precious item to a lab to evaluate. Don't believe anything what salespeople say, they tell anything you want to hear to make a sale.

Pretty jadeite bracelet

There is enough imperial jade out there in the whole price range cheap and expensive at one of the biggest gemstone market in Yangon Myanmar which is the Bogyoke Market pretty genuine jewelry of this mineral is already available for below $ 20,- and it is visible since  the texture and color is not very good it becomes better according to the price.When people are shopping for the real valuable grade 

A. Imperial jade it will quickly move above the four digit dollar price range. When people talk about the gemstone they automatically consider green but this is only one hue available, there are plenty of others and all have the same tough and great properties.

Other jade colors are blue lavender black violet  purple white yellow-brown and more, everyone can get the color she or he likes.

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Corundum family: which are sapphire & rubies plus jadeite jade.

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