Black Raw Jadeite Jade

Natural black raw jadeite jade is a very special mineral since only Burmese jadeite is available with real black saturated colors all other stones on the market are more or less dark green. The black jadeite has somehow a "macho" image means most carved pendants are creations of Chinese warriors and deities in fighting positions.

Here is genuine natural black jadeite jade in various variants such as raw jewelries sculptures and beautiful pendants necklaces.

Raw Black Jade

Raw Black Jade

Good for rings pendants and smaller items $ 30,-

plus $ 20,- shipping / registered air mail

Raw black jade 2

Good for smaller items $ 30,-

plus $ 20,- shipping / registered air mail

Pls. note, jade stone is very heavy compared to other precious stones and minerals.

Any additional request pls. tell.

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The border region of Myanmar & Thailand is for some geological reasons very rich on gemstones and minerals but for some reason the quality stuff is on the Myanmar side so it is smuggled to Thailand since centuries and because of this difficult transportation rather rare and expensive that includes many color variant of other precious stones such as ruby and sapphire stones also known under the name corundum.