Lavender & Green Jade

A very beautiful composition are stones of lavender and green color, they have a somehow feminine idea with the mixture of fresh green. Both jade colors blends perfectly they come as a attractive artwork when carved with some creative ideas. A popular combination is a flow including white veins this give very interesting jade jewelry, they can be create as bangles, bracelet, necklace and particular earrings and rings in general you will love it. Keep in mind jade virtually last for ever and have a long term value plus is easy to clean. Only diamonds and rubies are similar durable compared to jadeite jade.

Jade silver cabochon rings green variants

Jade silver cabochon rings green variants

Pure jade bracelets

Pure jade bracelets fit almost everyone with ideal for a DIY project. since popel like jade and th colors are beautiful this are genuine jadeite-jade stones.

Amber and jade stretch bracelets (1). Making your own jewelry is fun and could be a well paid and satisfying hobby too especially looking around today where plastic and cheap stuff almost dominate everything and being sold for high prices pretending to made from all kind of genuine pure material. But there are still plenty of people out the who appreciate the real thing.

You might think this is very difficult to makw but it's not by using the grinding and carving toolset above. It just needs a to be a bit creative and persistent.

Creating marvelous outstanding and simple jewelry.

Creating marvelous and simple jewelry on your own. We have been taking a few things and put them together to bring a creative result this is the raw jade stone material and pertly and amber plus some more semi-precious colored stones which can be an exceptional blend to create create products still fetching a reasonable money and be under your control entirely. This is not glass-pearls game for the kids.

Bringing creative result could also be done with a simple tool-set which could be quickly expanded with persistent creativity, just look above right such tool-sets are not expensive and are a available int the home mart just around the corner. All this creation processes can be marvelous outstanding simple because of the widely creative tools and designs ideas available.this days.

Yes and the raw material too one of the best raw material for such ideas which involves semi-precious stones is jade stone and we also have other such as ruby & sapphire including not expensive metal such as silver. This materials are not expensive but allow enormous creativity. Even ruby, sapphire and amber is not expensive if you know where to buy e.g. via our website joust read on and get some positive surprises.

Now all this is outstanding simple jewelry creating which finally can fetch good money in the internet age its a different business and creation pattern with some ideal DIY projects you will not earn a million in the fist year but if you are creative and deliver good design continuously people will appreciate and value it After a while you will find out some of this semi-precious stone colors blends perfectly to be beautiful and not expensive fashion jewelry and there are hundreds of variants out there to satisfy almost any taste.

lavender green jade

Lavender green jade (sold)

Each piece $ 60,- free shipping registered air mail when the shipment value is $ 100,- otherwise $ 30,- each. (direct above)

This pieces of raw lavender green jade are perfect for smaller artwork such as pendants & bracelets. Fresh green jade ideas in a popular combination including white veins create the perfect jade raw material to create bangles & bracelets with a mixture of fresh green white and lavender, it appears real gorgeous particular as a set for earrings and fingerings. Maybe also for some exquisite pendants. Easely carved with the tool set right above