Myanmar Jade

Myanmar Jade stone

A Myanmar jade stone becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry or decorative art in the hand of a skillful artist. Probably the most genuine Myanmar Jade Market is in Mandalay because this is the first place the green stone is delivered beside of the bulk which is shipped and smuggled over the border into China via Muse. Most popular jadeite colors are green jade white lavender and the famous imperial Jade .

Best raw jade markets are in Muse at the Chinese border Mandalay & Yangon. In Thailand the best jade markets are in Mae Sot & Mae Sai the surely have the most jadestone selection available in Thailand unfortunately as everywhere where Thai people try to make business cheating is rampant.

Myanmar Jade Jadeite colors

Myanmar Jade Jadeite is the real good stuff nephrite is the other, but nephrite is rather dull and of low level. All sold jade sold today is actually jadeite from Myanmar.

Muse a Chinese Myanmar border trade town is one of the main trading jade trading places in the north ncome ight and day the huge trucks bring the stone of desire to China since over there jade-stone become depleted this is a rising trend and the main reason why currently

Mogaung is famous for its beautiful minerals, this place was discovery by one business guy from Yunnan. In the Centuries after this area was the destination for traders who came over, braving the difficult terrain and hostile tribes to buy rough boulders, most was exported to the north either legally or illegally

Chinese Jade.

Chinese jade is nephrite produced since several thousand years. The valuable parameter which is the transparency or translucency the more of this the higher the price. Since this south east Asian country is the number one in the green stone business no wonder that there are plenty of shops and a so called emporiums where the minerals is on auction twice per year. The permanent shopping areas are at the Yangon Bogyoke Market and the Gem Museum in Yangon plus the jade market in Mandalay behind the MahaMuni Pagoda.

Jadeite mining is done in the north of Myanmar in the Mogaung area

which is north of another famous gem area in the country, that is “Rubyland” at Mogok near the Irrawaddy river between Mandalay and Kachin State where the mines are.

Those places have been under Chinese rule several hundred years ago which is one of the reasons to call jadeite from northern Myanmar still Chinese jade. There was a continuous back and forward between the different ethnic groups, actually all of them have been Chinese anyway in this case from Yunnan.

They are currently active conquering Myanmar not with the gun but with the dollar. They bought and buy large chunks of land and more than half of Mandalay, the second biggest city in the country is already under their control. Raw minerals are not far away from there.

In the first half of 2011 the Myanmar government and some Chinese buyers made a huge deal for more than 100 millions of dollars, which led to the high rise of the local currency and posed real problem since it made all export items too expensive.