Burmese Jade.

Burmese Jadeite.

Burmese Jadeite Jade with a mystic imperial green color.

There are two variants of jade stone one is from local Myanmar Kachin State & a different one is nephrite jade from China and mines worldwide. Green jadeite jade from Burma (Myanmar) is the worldwide number one in quality deposits and production of Burmese Jade. A very popular product made from solid carved jadeite jade all comes from Myanmar Kachin State.

Raw Burmese jade rocks

Raw Burmese jade rocks at an emporium sales show in Naypyidaw where most Burmese jadeite jade is sold either per auction or over the counter.

White Burmese jade statue

A white Burmese jade statue. depicting a sitting Buddha which is one of the most common view. The dream of every Buddha lover.

A carved white jade Buddha statue

A carved lavender jade Buddha statue. Buddha Statues are some of the most jade jadeite artwork demanded. Also with a high jade price.

The other version of Burmese jade is nephrite which is plentiful in Canada and China (Turkestan) other mines are in Australia North and South America plus other places. We have quality Burmese jade 4sale.

There are a lot of criminal activities fueled by the high profits the trade generates actually most is shipped to China anyway and a couple of "big shots" in Myanmar also make their share and move the cash to their Singapore bank accounts.

Burma Jade.

Burmese jade miners work still a bit primitive but they are able to do the job and with the help of their Chinese neighbors they are getting better every month.

White jade Buddha sculpture

White jade Buddha sculpture. The statue is partly covered with ruby & gold dust a enrichment to any home or office.

In a Burmese Jade Mine

In a Burmese Jade Mine deep in the jade mountain. Actually this is by any means a real jade mountain and from this sort are many in northern Kachin State of Myanmar.

Its not a "Jade Himalaya" but an amazing quantity of high value jadeite -jade which is inside this precious stone mountains. Today be using dynamite and heavy machinery from China its not a big deal to brake this cliffs apart. In the same area in Kachin State and further north they also find amber with and without fossils.

Since the US & UK government is still sabotaging any help (since WW2) it is an extremely difficult task for the people who work here as jade and precious stone miners. The result are accidental and difficult working conditions as the machinery is primarily primitive compared to the US / UK mining machine industry incidentally this is the same with the production machinery for gemstones and metals. However Chinese companies do not sleep, there is a quick race to fill the gaps and Chinese are quick in closing the gaps. Even if there are difficulties in the quality of the machines they will catch up and in about 5 years the industry will be dominated by Chinese companies due to the short-sighted perspective of the western politicians since they just dont care about Burmese Jade or rather jadeite.

Burmese Jade miners. Since the US government is still

Raw Burmese Jade boulder

Burmese Jadeite Jade

Burmese Jadeite Jade.

This is a huge jadeite boulder deep in the Jade Mountain in a Kachin State mine. Its a real problem to bring this huge piece of mineral to daylight.