Bogyoke Market.

Bogyoke Market Yangon Myanmar

Bogyoke Aung San was the independence hero who brought the freedom and the independence from the British Colonialist. His daughter today has no formal power executive power so she cant effectively do anything realistic. The Bogyoke Ang San Market Opening Hours are: 10.30 am to 5 pm sharp and Monday is closed,

This is a oriental bazaar where they take . this open & close times serious since outside this time most are really closed it is not like chaotic Thailand where everyone just open/close as they like.

More variants of jade cabochon colors and cuts in the Bogyoke Market,

You like quality Gemstones? Pure Natural & Genuine.

Corundum family:which is sapphire & rubies plus jadeite jade.
Jadeite Jade: Ruby Gemstone:Pink White Blue Sapphire Gemstone:That means if you want to shop for jade and other gemstones don't miss it.

Mr. Bogyoke Aung San the Myanmar National Hero.

Unfortunately the old colonialists mind never is given up today since the English together with USA try everything to make Myanmar as miserable as possible and since WW2 imposing still one embargo after the other. But the UK & US never will be able to defeat the Myanmars. Unfortunately the whole European Union continuously do every nonsense what UK & US command.

Where is the Bogyoke Market?

Bogyoke Aung San market map and opening hours. There is only one more are in the world with a similar dense jade shopping structure and this in Guangzhou in the vicinity of Hong Kong where some of the most expensive jade shops are located here are also the year the most expensive jade auctions made. Currently it's the jade emporium in the capital of Naypyidaw where the highest jadeite jade prices are achieved. Chinese jade buyers from all over the world flock into Naypyidaw twice a year to buy the "good stuff". The emporium was done in Yangon at times when Yangon still was the capital. The Bogyoke Market is still a very interesting place to buy jadeite jade and rubies plus sapphire

Another Prime Yangon Shopping Area is: Anawrahta Road.

bogyoke market shop

In the city center of Yangon just watch the Bogyoke Market Map above. Opposite the road is the Sule Shangri-La Hotel and more means right in the center. The old railway station which is a bit to the east is a showcase of old British colonial style more at Yangon City

At the other side of the road is another mall and pharmacies plus small clinics which is an interesting place for everything people needs and shopping in general. In the halls it sparkles and shines in jewelry stores. Shopping for local items this is a shopper's paradise for unique and beautiful oriental handicrafts and colorful clothing which are called longyi this is a sheet of cloth widely worn in Myanmar by men and women alike it is approximately 2 meters long and 80 centimeters wide.

Exotic jewelry & Myanmar gemstones.

Laquerware and exotic jewelry made from silver and jade plus rubies and the whole assortments of precious stones handicrafts and fabrics.

Gemstones are available abundantly in places such as the Boyoke Market in Yangon which is one of the most famous bazaars still existing in the east. Offering all precious stones the country is famous for. The whole range of semi-precious stones, wood carvings from teak, sandalwood, and antiques plus many oriental goods you maybe haven’t heard about yet.

All available at unique shops in the Bogyoke market.

At your trip you will sooner or later visit the Bogyoke Aung San Market.

This old native mall is also an excellent source of great jade statues and jewelry. All the treasures of the country are there on display plus plenty of other items such as lacquer-ware wood carvings marionettes antique clothing textiles and more. Myanmar online shopping is still in its infancy but it is growing exponentially because there are not many large shopping outlets similar to other mega-cities in south-east Asia.

Take a beautiful piece of ethnic jewelry home from your vacation you won't find this elsewhere, it's unique and valuable for a low price. There are also sculptures and great looking laughing Jade Stone Buddha.

There are unique precious stones paintings where the colors are substituted with precious stones such as jade, ruby and others, its incredible decorative in any home.

Plenty of clothing stores offer local cotton shirts and other from India plus silk, most everyday textiles come from China.

The market was known before as Surati Bazaar and the name was changed in 1926 to Scott market when still under British rule named after the Municipal Commissioner Mr. Gavin Scott. Bogyoke Aung San Market is somehow the same experience as during British colonial times it's the prototype of an old market of the east with a Buddhist touch After Burmese independence in 1948, it was named as Bogyoke Aung San Market but even until the 199x among the Yangon people it was still Scott Market, they didn't have good experience with any military. Again the name was changed to Bogyoke Market when the country got independence in 1948 here are more Bogyoke Market photos.

The Bogyoke Jade Market

What I don't like very much at the Bogyoke Aung San Market is there is no restaurant or similar. But on the other side of the road are several and the best is located in the Central Hotel that one is quite good they know what they do. The Central Hotel is just adjacent to the Sule Shangri-La Hotel. The Shangri-La and Governors Residence plus Savoy and Strand Hotel have the highest prices in Myanmar.

shop owners ask Nats to help

At the photo below a shop owner is trying to gain merit and blessing by praying to the Nats which are supernatural being have been mostly replaced by Buddhism but most Myanmar people still believe in them. Above is a picture of a pearl shop where they sell locally cultured "south sea pearls".

Carved teak wood wall panel with semi-precious stonesIt is very obvious visible because of the spirit houses in front of almost every home.

To put this into a context in Myanmar are almost no fatal traffic accidents because the people are very disciplined and in neighboring Thailand, they have the most fatal traffic accidents in the whole world alternating with Zimbabwe and Libya.

Myanmar Online Shopping

When visiting Myanmar this the place to go shopping in Yangon is for sure the Bogyoke Market.

Actually almost all shopping supply today for consumer goods comes from China since the British destroyed all manufacturing since they wanted to keep Burma as a raw material supply.

The Chinese made a logistic masterpiece when they extended some years ago the China Post into Myanmar and Thailand they secured their manufacturing. As if the English didn't create enough mess around after WW2 the US try to hurt Myanmar's really bad since they don't do what the "Yankees" command. This pushed them into the hand of the mad communists and the result was the mess they are into now.

Silk dress shop at Bogyoke Market.jpg

Bogyoke Aung San Market Shops

Stylish JewelryMost interesting for shopping are about 1500 stores which are rather small just up to 10 sqm. with a few exceptions for some stores at the Bogyoke Aung San Roadside with souvenir woodcarvings and jewelry shops this is also the best place to change money.

Flower Market in Yangon

Near to the bazaar people are shopping for flowers and fruits.

Street seller makes brisk business in the late afternoon when the heat of the day slowly disappears.

Most Yangon flower shops are along Anawrahta Road and in China Town they have exotic plants on sale but also conventional such as roses. Anawrahta Road is more or less the "Fifth Avenue" of Yangon.

Amber Shop

A shopping trip to the Bogyoke Aung San bazaar is a "must"

Without having crossed the Bogyoke Market one should not leave the former capital Yangon. A difference should be taken into account the opening hours are really 10 am and 5 pm. Monday is closed and actually not like in Thailand where no one adheres to any rules.

The tourist tsunami to Myanmar , primarily of Chinese origin is overwhelming they mainly bargain for jade jewelry and sculptures. The great bazaars is one of the top attractions of the metropolis and the shop owners naturally like it after so many dire years.

Bogyoke Market Gallery

Here, the city pulsates since the 19th century (before there was another market with galleries and wall art) the halls stand for the trade tradition in old Burma.

Today many locals and tourists strolling through the country's oldest shopping center witnessing to the tourist boom that has been aroused. At the moment (2017) the customer structure is changing strongly towards the Chinese.

Yangon's (Rangoon's) Great Bazaar is rich in symbolism making lot's of business here means the country is in good conditions. Souvenir shops and jewelers make handsome profits also more commercial goods from China and Thailand move in. But the Thais can't get clear with their greed.

If one has to fight decades for the uncertain political situation and the resulting embargoes of the EU and Americans with economic problems they had enough time to learn. The problem is that most shopkeepers are pushing the price up like they drunk too much whiskey.