Amber Gemstone.

Amber Gemstones are popular jewelry products.

Amber Gemstones are popular low priced jewelry products they come among others in cognac color as charming pendants wrist trinkets bracelets earrings bangles and more fine pieces for an appealing look. The setting is mostly silver to keep the costs low since using gold would immediately increase the price and by the way isn't it something special to wear millions of year-old jewelry on your wrist or maybe a drop of ancient amber?

Amber Gemstones with ancient fossil inclusions.

Amber bangles

Genuine Amber Gemstone Bangle.

When ordering pls.dont forget to indicate the inner diameter plus the overall size. Quantity discounts can be discussed including custom made carvings.

Carved Amber Gemstone Buddha Statue.

In the tradition of Jade Buddha Statues.

Amber Bracelet

Amber Gemstone Bracelets.

Amber bracelets are these pretty things which make every women shine and the genuine bracelets from Myanmar are definitely a special exotic edition.

Amber Cabochon.

Amber Gemstone Cabochon.

Artisan Supply Genuine natural Amber Pebbles Gems Quality Non-Toxic Lead Free Vase Filler Table Scatter, Aquarium Fillers Beautiful Smooth Surface & Vibrant Colors.

Amber Gems & Jewelry.

Popular amber jewelry comes in the cognac color among other as charming pendants wrist trinkets bracelets earrings and more fine pieces for an appealing look. The setting is mostly silver to keep the costs down since using gold immediately will increase the price.

Amber Gems & Jewelry.

No need to think about an environmental impact since this plenty of this beautiful material is available worldwide. Actually every year new deposits are encountered such as the Myanmar amber deposits in Kachin State and the precious material is pretty and affordable.

Amber Jewelry Prices.

That way Amber prices are mostly kept up to around thirty dollars it might include some beads and special stuff such as buttons, also they are not very sought after anymore. The forests are hiding fossil amber. One of the most famous areas the brown to golden colored resin is found are the Baltic States, Dominican Republic and other.

Buying the brown organic gemstone jewelry won't automatically mean it is Baltic amber since in the few decades new deposits have been found by technological detection improvements. Now the drops and bigger items come e.g. also from Myanmar’s north around the same area where jade is found.

Mythical Burmese Myanmar Amber.


Myanmar Amber is an organic material is also known by the name Burmite and is found in the Kachin State around the same area where jadeite jade is mined.

Since the Chinese Han dynasty about 200 bc until 200 after amber was used as an creative art raw material for stone carving and jewelry just like jade although amber is easier to handle because it is much softer than jade. On the Mo's scale it is around 3 and jade is around 7-8.The old Chinese called it hu-pe and it was said it contains the soul of a tiger. At that time jade had the myth to block evil.

Amber Jewelry with fossil inclusions and pretty pieces of body decoration are amber jewelry but there is more. Now beside of Baltic it's Myanmar Amber with amazing amber Buddha carvings and necklaces. In particular, many people find the inclusion of insects somehow attractive.

Just imagine there is a fly frozen in time since 100 millions of years inside that piece of amber that could be interesting indeed. In recent times a few other producers from the Dominican Republic and Myanmar Burma came to market with exceptional Burmese amber Buddha carvings and Jewelry.

Myanmar is well known for rubies sapphires and other colored gemstones and with amber the managed to create a somehow organic fusion jewelry items.

Amber Jewelry.

Amber Jewelry carvings from Myanmar, they found out that with their great knowledge for jade carving it's an ideal new match to make real jewelry artwork. Imagine a skillful Buddha Statues but made from amber. Since the cognac colored organic gemstone is not very hard, its just fossilized tree resin and it is ideal for carvings of statues and jewelry.

Amber and Jade Pebbles

Amber and Jade Pebbles

Amber Ball Chain.

Amber Gemstone Ball Chain.

Myanmar Amber Gemstone Products are genuine natural and beautiful just as the customer prefer it this days no more plastic look alike.

These are organic gemstones there are inclusions of once living organism such as flies and insects. Just imagine to have something in the hand where a once-living organism was enclosed hundred of million years ago this makes the material definitely interesting.

In recent times, about (2010) good quality pieces of this beautiful organic fossil gemstone came to market from Myanmar (Burma). Over time it became a very much valued material which partly is because of the insects enclosed millions of years ago. When the resin streams down a tree it engulfs leaves insects and sometimes even small animals.

The color spectrum is from an intense gold to a red brownish dark. An ideal material to make some charming jewelry from usually pendants necklaces and bracelets plus bangles this organic material is even used to make perfume.

A necklace could keep the baby quieter during teething. There is some indication that succinic acid is released when the small one is wearing a necklace and it might penetrate the skin with some secondary effects but actually there is no real hard evidence for it.

Here are some great necklaces made from beads of different colors. The right piece of this unique jewelry is made with carved ball beads., it looks very pretty although a bit bulky.

Amber stones for bracelets pendants and necklaces are ideal to create unique handmade jewelry because they are not so hard like let's say jade so they are easier to handle including carving and their color range from golden yellow to dark cognac is just beautiful.

Although the material is not as hard as some inorganic gemstones they are heavy users because they look beautiful especially when a good designer did the job. Because of the fossils often included the material has a very special "twist".

Most of these wrist-lets have a dual-color, usually brown and gold also known as "cognac". Although they are not cheap they are fascinating it needs to keep in mind that this is a very attractive organic material. It might be a couple of million years old but that makes it even more attractive as fossil amber stones.

During Russian communist time some state monopolies made a good business luckily this mad ones are not here anymore. Today this is a open business and a lot of creative handicraft worker in the Baltic States make some money with it, among the most sought after are bracelets and pendants.

The ornaments and jewelry have a somehow rustic appearance like wood when not looking to close. But they are beautiful pieces.

About Fossil Amber Jewelry, they have a new, good and somehow cool image. Especially the younger crowd loves it this has probably also to do because it is an organic material although it is usually a couple of million years old, it’s just pretty. The other positive reason is most smaller things are far below $ 50, - means no much thinking about or looting the wallet. The usual color is honey to brown and even with some fossil the price is rarely over $ 100,-

Just do yourself something good and take a pair of matching earrings that will make your day. Since we don’t do bla-bla the pretty hardware is also here, no need to hesitate, just buy, it’s good for you. This is funky for casual wear it almost slides already into great novelties with some transparency and a vivid color. It is almost similar to jade, the more translucency the higher the price.

Jewelry in this combinations are often set in silver which makes a rather strong setting, with bangles silver also won’t be bad because the protective metal cover will reflect the light back into the carved amber and make it really shine.

Only a few places on earth have organic amber stones available the most popular are from the Baltic area mainly of the former Soviet Union, a newer player is the Dominican Republic and Myanmar. The latter is producing stones and jewelry of fine material in the gold and brown color spectrum. Since this is a Buddhist country having a long history with gemstones in general they make also gorgeous amber Buddha carvings.

The brown organic gemstones bring some special beauty to women and because of the nature of the material many people are buying the stones. Because they are also not as hard such as jade or similar it is not a big deal to make some jewelry on your own since there are sets available for do it yourself

The Baltic States are famous to make creative jewelry from amber stones. Before this was mainly in the grip of the Communists who controlled this part of the world for decades but time has changed (luckily) and the smaller countries including Poland try to do some creative work hoping that the mad communists won’t come back again, hopefully, who likes lunatic ideological driven people?

Where to find Amber Stones with inclusions? Actually they bring good income to some people who handle amber arts & crafts in this part of north - eastern Europe. In recent years two newer players try to get a slice of the market, one of them is Myanmar (Burma) and they have real top quality stones available to create excellent jewelry especially considering the knowledge they have with a somehow similar materials such as jade which is much harder but of similar use when watching the pictures here it is convincing. The other player is the Dominican Republic.

I made all photos in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon the main gemstone mart in the country and saw marvelous creations they made. A particular one are the carved Buddha objects which are rather small compared to jade cravings but nevertheless amazing.

Although amber jewelries and stones are not cheap at all they are affordable because this are such things which are not bought every day, it could be a fine gift.

The gem is used since long time and especial sought after as a rather smaller stone for an amulet, pendant and ring. Similar to jade again people interpret healing property into it. It is also said to keep relationships in good standing and keep trouble away, this might be a myth but many people believe in many things real and fiction.

Amber & Sterling Silver.

Pure sterling silver is probably the best setting material for an amber stone and many just buy a matching set of ring necklace pendants and bracelets. Not using gold or platinum also keep costs at bay.